Thank you to everyone on this forum. Your support and advice has helped me achieve my target of running 10K in under 60 mins. I had a PB for 5K of 27:05 and a 10K of 56:32. I feel brilliant if a bit light headed. connect.garmin.com/modern/a... is the link showing my run. It was really tough but at the end I thought I could have gone on.

So for everyone on here whether you are just starting or graduated years ago thank you again. It is less than a year since I struggled with week 1 run 1 and it's amazing what we are capable of when we focus on GettingFitter ;-)

Looking forward to the London 10K Winter Run now I've proved to myself I can run 10k in under an hour


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  • Brilliant! You must be so pleased! You're definitely a runner!

  • Thanks John - we're all runners!

  • True, but not all of us will ever do 10k in under an hour! But I'll do the best time I can, when I reach that target.

  • Fantastic achievement and I am sure you will have a great time on the winter run, think it will be such fun. I think there are loads of C25kers going!

  • Thanks - I think the winter run is going to be brilliant

  • Fabulous GF! I knew you'd do it. Love your tags!

  • Thanks IP - Grinning from ear to ear

  • Wow, you're smoking now aren't you? You must be so so pleased! Enjoy your race XX

  • Thanks Curly as I was running I thought it will be nice to get back to just running because I can rather than pushing all the time

  • I now what you mean, not long now! You're an inspiration to me you know! I'm going for 8K next run...

  • Just take it steady Curly you can do it

  • Not anywhere near your time though! I'd expect about 1 hour 10...still I'll be happy if I can just run that far!

  • As I was when I did the bridge to 10k just happy to do the distance and speed comes later - have fun

  • Thanks I will, Im really enjoying my running at the moment, I can hardly bear the rest days!

  • Well done GF! Times I can only dream of. What a fantastic year you have had.

  • Thanks Ully I get great inspiration from everyone on here

  • What a fantastic achievement WELL DONE !! enjoy your London 10k :))

  • Thanks rebeldiver will do!

  • Congratulations, GF, those are amazing times!

  • Thank you Tomas keep on inspiring me!

  • Wow - I didn't realise you had only been running for a year - you always sounds like an old pro!! Congratulations on such amazing speeds!

  • Thanks useitorloseit started in April last year and am loving it

  • Goodness - April 14? That means I'm only 2 months behind you. Better give myself a stern talking to and get out there and speed up a bit ...!

  • I have been careful since an injury last summer - I kept twisting the same ankle in the same place. The times have really dropped since following the myasics plan. I find my garmin really good as I set it to warn me if I'm running too slow. I don't like the fact that the runs are at a constant pace as I prefer to start more slowly and speed up towards the end but it has definitely got me running faster. Also the Heart rate monitor tells me I am overreaching at this pace average heart rate 168 and Max was 180 today. Looking forward to the slow jog next time

  • Having said earlier in my running career that I wasn't bothered by stats, since I have graduated and been taking map my run with me I suddenly care about these things and am even considering getting a garmin because I get fed up faffing with the phone, running belt, pockets, gloves etc. I too start off slow, but I use a metronome, so I just start off with teeny tiny steps - my legs are always stiff for the first five mins or so even when I'm warmed up on the stepper before venturing out into the cold. I think that's just one of the joys of middle age! I'm fine after that though, and then my pace gets much better. Anyway, I enjoy it and it's doing me so much good - normally at this time of year I suffer terribly from SAD syndrome, but all this lovely fresh air and exercise seems to have kicked that into touch. There are so many benefits to this programme, not least are the wonderful people like you I've met on this forum. :)

  • Brilliant useitorloseit. So glad that the programme is working for you. Do you have one of those lightboxes. I have a Norwegian brother in law who swears by his

  • I had a bright daylight bulb I used to use in my kitchen, which is where I spend most of my time (desperate housewife!), but a couple of years ago I had really bright spotlights fitted and that has really helped - my kitchen faces north and used to be gloomy blue and purple colour scheme (gruesome) it's now light, bright and airy with warm colours, and that combined with the running has helped my depression no end.

    Depression is a huge barrier to self-motivational activities like running, which is nuts as exercise is one of the best mood lifters there is. So, I thoroughly welcome my new addiction and hope it lasts for as long as I am able to get out there and run!

  • Thanks KittyKat will do I already feel I've had my treat with 2 PBs.

  • Wow!2 pbs in one go,you could almost hang up your running shoes if you weren't so addicted like the rest of us lol!!! What will your 5 and 10k times be this time next year??? Sky's the limit !

  • Thanks Wonkyknee, I think I need some new targets now. Maybe to drop by half a minute a month would be good. The Asics plan I am following has some recovery runs after the race and then 2 weeks of no running to let my poor old body recover ;-)

  • Oh GF , Amazing , amaaazing job ! I am so so pleased for you , you have worked so hard and you deserve this.

    You are a true inspiration , here's to your ongoing success ! xxx

  • Thank you poppypug just loving it at the moment!

  • Excelent stuff GF. Sub 60min 10Km is a great milestone. It's my next one to aim for, I dont know when I'll get there, but I know it will come eventually as I can see the distance inching up for my 1 hour runs.

    I love reading about your progress, you are a real inspiration, I like to hear about Rico too :), he looks really cools in your picture :D

    Great to read that you have achieved so much despite injuries. I've been lucky enough not to get injured yet, but reading how you have recovered and come back is good to know.

    Well done GF, Happy running :)

  • Thanks Zev. After I get this race done in Feb I'll be back to my run walks with Rico

  • Congratulations!!! Really well done, absolutely outstanding, the high must have been one of a kind! Now you can have nice taper down week before the big day! Good luck

  • I've still got another fast 10k on Sunday then a few 5ks next week - one at race pace which is 5:23 per K rather than 5:40 of today. Thank you for your support!

  • Sub 60m 10k the Runner's Grail. Great achievement GF and so impressed you just started last April. You are an inspiration.

  • Can't quite believe it myself Slookie. Thank you

  • Congratulations on yout times gettingfitter! You have progressed so well. Enjoy that feeling!

  • Thanks Burgdude!

  • Wow, well done! I knew you could do it :)

  • Thanks EpicMum I think it's funny how it all seems easy looking back!

  • Well done GF. Doing a dance of joy here for you. Zippy di doo dah zippy dee ey, my oh my what a wonderful day, tra la la

    All that work is paying off! Couch, then the toughie with Sami. What a gal ey! Your plan is a good one and you've stuck with it.

    Keep up the momentum and that race is in the bag!

  • Thanks MW for all your support too. Definitely getting there ;-)

  • That is so fantastic and a really great achievement....what about RICO??? Can't wait to meet you in London :)

  • Thanks juicyju Mrs GF has been exercising Rico. Hoping to bring him to spectate. Look forward to seeing you in London

  • Well done, that really is amazing. You deserve to be proper pleased with yourself.

    What a way to go in such a short time :). We started at the same time but I'm nowhere near your level of greatness - but running 5k three times a week, so happy with that.

    Having read this and many of the responses, I'm feeling pretty motivated to crack on and consider more at some stage. But I run early in the morning and don't have time to run for longer - going out at 6 is early enough! I sometimes squeeze an extra weekend run, or perhaps if I have a day off, I could possibly try for a longer run then.

    You really have done well, a proper success story :) xx

  • Thanks pinkangel I love running at weekends in the light but during the week have to go out early or late. I find early is better for me but can't wait for lighter mornings. Good luck with your longer runs

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