3 new PBs - :O)

3 new PBs -  :O)

Hi fellow runners.

Quit cold here this morning. As I stepped outside onto the balcony at 10h00 and down the concrete steps into the garden I discovered that there was still ice on the ground. I considered going back inside and waiting until after midday, but I was already wearing all of my running stuff, so I thought might as well give it a try. If it turns out to be too slippy, I could always come back home and try again later.

As it happened, the conditions were not too bad. Most of my weekend run is on gritty sandy tracks. There is some tarmac later on, but by the time I reached it the ice had melted.

My runs always seem to start off a bit yucky for the first 10 minutes or so. My breathing doent feel comfortable, and my legs are feeling a bit achey and stiff. This morning was no exception. As usual thought, by 15 minutes in I was into my stride and running comfortably. My cadence has increased markedly while building from 30 minutes runs to 1 hour runs while listening to C25K+ stamina. I notice that I am now running faster than the beat. But it doesnt seem to matter, the music still seems to help me with my pace even though I'm running faster than it.

If you read my foggy run post then you will remember that when I reach the set of bollards before the little parking area Laura normally says "you are halfway through this track". Today being a weekend, I turn around at the bollards, and run back the way I came towards Blois. I noticed that this time I run back quite a distance before Laura said "you are halfway through this track". That's a good sign I thought :)

My quicker cadence seemed to be sustainable for longer today, in fact I kept it up for the whole run. Back past the little road that I use to join the river and continue onward along the river towards Blois. Still going well. I see another runner coming the other way, and notice that he's running with long strides and a slower cadence. Past another set of bollards and little parking area. Another runner, this one looking exhausted but battling on. Then under the disused railway bridge and onwards towards another parking area where I turn and come back towards home. Having to remind myself to keep the cadence up now. I've kept it up this far, if I continue then it could be a personal best :)

Back under the railway bridge, the exhausted runner is coming towards me back the other way, clearly not as exhausted as he looks. A quick look at Garmin to see how much longer for 1 hour 5 minutes ( I'm adding 5 minutes each week to my weekend runs now ) Mr Garmin says 57 minutes so far. Keep the pace up, only another 3 minutes for the hour, and then I can drop the pace for the last 5 minutes if I need to.

When I finally stop, I stop Mr Garmin, and he say's, 4 personal bests :)

Quickest mile, quickest 5km (29.01mins), quickest 10km (59.24km), longest run (10.95km)

Cool :) and I felt good at the end of it too.

Happy running everyone :D


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14 Replies

  • You know what? That looks like FOUR PBs to me not three! That is brilliant, you must be so proud! Those +podcast really help don't they, I never get fed up with them. I didn't realise that Garmin gave you PB info, I really must get one! :-)

  • Wow Zev! Sounds like a brilliant run!

  • Bravo!

  • Phew!What great PBs!

  • Well done Zev, Amazing stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic Zev. Congratulations - a sub 30 5K and a sub 60 10k - the stuff that dreams are made of. Well done

  • Thanks GF. Your recent post spurred me on. Gradual steady improvement that's the thing :)

  • I love Blois! Lucky you! Well done with your run - I keep to a strict bpm too and it has really helped my speed.

  • Fantastic! Bet you're grinning like the Cheshire Cat :)

  • Ha Ha Hilly, I always read that as " Grinning like a Cheshire Cheese " :-D xxx

  • Haha :D Have you been watching too much Wallace and Grommit? ;)

  • :-D xxx

  • Great stuff Zev, no wonder you sound so happy

  • Wow -zev, thats great going, I love it when those new pbs flash up! Fantastic work! :)

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