Running App that shows position on map?

I use Runkeeper - which shows you where you have run on a map - AFTER you have run it.

But I am looking for an App that shows me my position on a map while I am running - plus does all the usual running App functions. The reason for this is that I will soon be running in some "foreign" places - in urban areas where it is difficult to do a long run on just one road, so there is a good chance of my losing my direction ( I have to admit I do get lost easily"

Anybody got any ideas please?


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14 Replies

  • I always use Google maps for locating myself overseas. But that has no fancy running options.

  • I use Endomondo which gives you loads of stats, and tracks you live on a map...

  • Runkeeper does show your map position while you are running if you swipe your finger to the left of the screen - eats battery though!

  • Runkeeper does show your map position while you are running if you swipe your finger to the left of the screen - eats battery though!

  • Thanks for that -- I didn't know that!! Sheesh!! How long have I been using Runkeeper for!!! :) This is great, I only want to use it at any "where am I " points !!

  • It's not obvious, is it - I discovered by accident. I am a huge fan of Runkeeper - use it for everything - has rescued me on many a dogwalk as I have no sense of direction. The GPS on my phone is way more accurate than my Garmin forerunner so Runkeeper is actually much better for me.

  • I have subsequently realised that I won't have data roaming enabled while we are away - so the Runkeeper option won't be viable :(

    I do have Maps.ME installed - which allows offline maps to be downloaded so I could use that ( without the running/tracking options of Runkeeper) - OR somebody has pointed me towards this -- haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

  • Yes it will Bazza, I don't have data roaming on my phone, far too mean to pay for it! I just get the GPS going and RK works fine, shows where you are and everything. Presumably your hotel will have free wifi, then you can upload your runs when you get back.

    Personally, I would use the good old paper version of a map, folded up and popped in my pocket...

  • Hmm -- I still don't think so!! :) I can use it here in my local area without data - it just doesn't send any data to the Runkeeper website but it does show my position on a map. BUT - when I go outside of my area - eg San Francisco, it is going to need to download a map of that area. I may be able to do it by turning Runkeeper on in some place where there is free wifi??

  • I've run in lots of places, mine seems to work... why not get on their customer service, they're really helpful.

  • Try this -- with Runkeeper running as though you are using it during a run , swipe towards the right hand side of the screen until you can see the map . Then "zoom" out a fair way until you can see where the map ends ie it won't show the entire world :), just an area around you. Thta area can be quite large eg it could cover the whole of UK . It could be that you are running within the zone of maps that have been downloaded into your phone - but if you came here to Australia, you would have no Oz maps in the phone.

  • Actually now I think about it, I might be mistaken... It might be MapMyRun that shows the map when you are running...

  • I use runtastic and that shows your position on the map. people can also see "watch" your run online and send you "cheers" My husband does this, bless.

  • If I were you Baz, I'd print out a map from's all very well knowing where you are, but not much help with knowing where you want to go! Don't get lost, we'd miss you!

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