Under 30 mins parkrun at last!!

Under 30 mins parkrun at last!!

Hi All! Parkrun no 31 for me today! :)

Didn't take my camera today , so don't be alarmed by the photo, i found it online and loved the retro look! :)

Our Parkrun at Medina is way too squishy so we have been moved to our summer location of Appley at Ryde! In the summer its a more challenging course with hills and through the park, but at the mo its a lovely flat run along the seafront! Icy here today so a little dodgy in places(nearly didn't happen but approved late on) and there were plenty of lovely marshals to point out the few slippery patches :) (inc Boz(still with sore back) and George dog! :) it rained on and off but not too bad!

So although i had a bit of an advantage than before with the flatness, i finally got my pre 30 mins Parkrun - 29.15 on their email :) Will just have to see if i can do it when we return back(previous pb 30.17!)

but for now i will happily take that! and pbs on Strava too ! :)


off for dinner now to meet with my friend at her house, her husband got a new pb of 20.34 today and he's done 158 Parkruns! and her son one of 21.58! so we shall be full of a little smugness i'm sure! But not too much as Tracy couldn't do today as her youngest has come down with lurgy, and shes cooking too so we MUST be kind to her! Just made Lemon drizzle muffins for pudding!

Happy running everyone :)


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25 Replies

  • ps it was a smidge under 5k on strava :(

    pps have you seen my tags! love them!

  • Go you!! Very very well done Ali, that's a fab time :)

  • thanks Ancientmum! :)

  • Ali that's fantastic, well done. You all deserve to be smug! I didn't do parkrun today as had a migraine so I've been Mrs Grumpy all day :-(

    Enjoy those lemon drizzle muffins and have a lovely evening x :-)

  • thanks No-excuse! hope you feel better soon! Migraines are pants(my brother suffers badly from them)

    just off out the door now................... x :)

  • Hey Well done Ali ! You did it mate , absolutely brilliant !

    Hope Boz and George are very proud of you .

    Enjoy your night , love the tags ha ha :-D xxx

  • Yay! didn't look at garmin all the way round so i got a suprise! :)

    George whined as i ran past, bless! he got lovely game of frisbee on beach after! :)

    off out now .................. x :)

  • That's what the island looked like when I was growing up. Happy days!

  • i liked that photo, nice and sunny too! hope you're ok, your 6k was fab! :) Sunny beaches, roll on summer :)

  • So the milestones keep coming, even after graduation!! Well done.

    keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks iannodaTruffe , I like your saying ! I will keep running, keep smiling :)

  • superb time ,well well done to get sub 30 :D :D

  • Thanks speedy rob! A good parkrun day for us :)

  • a very very good parkrun day :D

  • Lovely picture! I love the retro loooooook too. Well done on your Parkrun missus! Sounds like you all had a terrific day despite the ice!!!! It was icy, despite supposedly being above freezing. I was really nervous out there today so it doesn't really make for PB potential, so as young Mr Grace would say, "you've all done very well"

    Lemon drizzle muffins. Slobber.

  • You've got me singing the "are you being served "theme tune now !

    Saved you a muffin ! :) they're good if I say so myself !

    Get us, out in all weathers :) !

  • Ali Wighter! :-)

    I was bloody wondering about that photo when I first saw it; how odd you have it so warm there. And also, it appears to be 1957; what an odd place! :D Nice photo though! :-)

    Congratulations on your great PB; that's brilliant going, well done - bet you're so pleased with that! :-) Hope you enjoyed your evening, dinner and Tasty Lemonny Muffins. (TLM) :-)

  • Odd place?! You're right there :) thanks for your kind words. .....

    Saved you a figgy muffin, specially made for you :) unless you want a lemon one of course? Off out a bit later to get some air, back from work now at last :)

  • I think the isle of Wight is permanently stuck in 1957 that is why so many people love the place. The photo brings back memories of growing up there.

  • You're not wrong there! Nice on a sunny day in ryde, not so bad in the frost either really, re your previous post, iow folk are not that great at giving way on pavement, even when you're just walking :x

  • Awesome time! Congratulations. The muffins sound yummy.

  • Thanks Lavender1962! Sending you a virtual muffin ! :)

  • I was born in '57 which is why I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve retro. Love tea rooms and all that malarky.

    Having a name like Miss Wobble (the waitress. Remember her anyone?), I think I might find another career in the world of Ye Olde Tea Shoppe. I think that would be quaite naice.

  • i used to work at a manor house over here, serving tea and scones in a wench's outfit! but that was a 16th century place so even more retro! :X I love tea shops too, and all that 50's styling :) don't know miss wobble though except you! :)

  • Sounds a great run and dinner table topics!

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