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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry this is late, and I'm sorry I didn't manage to write a post about the parkrun before last saturday, last week I ran parkrun in a time of 32:41, 1 econd slower than my PB from the week before,

I'm ready to get out for my run tonight, I'm still struggling with organising my life so any suggestions are gratefully appreciated, this post won't be that long,

Last saturday just gone, I had already packed my bag from the night before and so I didn't have much left to put in my bag the day of the parkrun, so all I had to do was get up, shower, change and have something to eat and just double check I have everything on me,

I went and got to parkrun for 8am, chatted to some other volunteers and then once the run director with the keys turned up we all set off to set up the course, this week I had 2 little helpers, we had quite a few volunteers turn up in the morning so everything was done and dusted within a few minutes, so just stood around chatting to a few other volunteers then Bill had finished off with what he was doing, think it was putting some cones out on the out and back, we chat and then Emma turns up, she is making me a beautiful dress which I will be wearing for the sports awards, trying to find out what flowes and chocolates she likes but her partner hasn't seen my message, to say thank you for everything she has done not just for myself but for everyone else I'm going to get some chocolates, flowers and make a certificate and then do a small presentation at the briefing before a parkrun hopefully in the near future,

Last saturday's parkrun went well, I have been breathing a lot better whilst out running, I think it's partly down to all the training but also partly down to being prescribed the inhalers, I have another appointment with the nurse tomorrow, see what she says about the inhalers, my training, running etc,

I struggled on tuesday due to the heat when I ran with the SRC instead of running 8km I ended up running/walking 6.5km, which I feel gutted and disappointed in myself, the week before I ran the whole 8km and then as a result needed passed out on the metrolink on the way home, so didn't want to push myself too much and then ended up using every single excuse under the sun to walk instead of jogging slowly,

Anyway back to parkrun I didn't do to bad, I managed to sprint sort of at the end, I used my brain and sprinted at the right time, as the week before me and this girl sort of competed to get to the finish line until the end and the girl crossed the finish line a second before I did, this week I sprinted pretty much right at the end and crossed the finish line a second before this girl, each time we shook each others hand congratulating the other one, during the 2 loops the first time I ran up the hill slowly and the 2nd time round I pushed myself a bit quicker up the hill, I managed to get a new PB of almost 1 minute quicker than my previous Pb of 32:40 and I crossed the finish line in a time of 31:47, 53 second quicker than my previous PB which really shocked me I thought I was doing well but didn't expect to be almost a minute quicker than my previous PB plus I slowed down for around 10 seconds to cheer on a friend who was at the back of the course and I went past during his first loop whilst I was on my 2nd loop, so the tail runner did say if I hadn't slowed down I would have been over a minute quicker :)

Hope everyone has a great parkrun or a great run this weekend, I hope you all have a great weekend,

Take care,

Siobhan xx

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Wow Siobhan congratulations on your new Parkrun PB, that's fantastic.

I was so pleased to read this post, as you sound a lot more upbeat than you did in your previous one when you were worrying about your awards evening and your volunteering etc. The training sounds like it's going well so I wouldn't worry about finding it really tough in the heat -everybody finds it really tough in the heat!

Take care Sweetie and keep up the good work xx


Brilliant Siobhan !

A new PB is such a boost isn't it ? Cheers you up no end I find :-)

The weather has been so draining , so you did the right thing in not pushing yourself too much , especially if you nearly fainted . I hope you feel better now :-)

Have a great weekend and take care xxx


Great time Siobhan. The heat has made things hard recently and I haven't been able to cover some of the distances I should.


You're doing brilliantly well Siobhan 😊

This heat has been making running harder for everyone. It just saps energy so quickly. Did you run with a drink at Parkrun? I have been doing during the recent hot spell.

As for bring better organised, I am not much help as I am hopeless. I recently packed my race bag the night before but left it on the kitchen worktop on the big day πŸ˜• 😊


I think it was very sensible to shorten your run to suit the weather, don't feel bad about it.

Well done on your PB

Can't help re organisation, you're far more organised than me!

Take care x


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