2nd sub 30 mins Parkrun ! :)

2nd  sub 30 mins Parkrun ! :)

Feeling chuffed today as decided on drive to Parkrun to set myself a personal challenge of a 6min Pace on Garmin, just to see if i could get a sub 30 mins time, (have done this once in January but not managed one since!)

It was wet and windy here as we set off, but luckily it was drizzle rather than heavy rain, wore my shorts and compression socks, with Brooks lightweight trousers over, they are fab, i got them last yr for Β£20 in sale and they really keep the chill off! Been having trouble on and off with calf tightness lately, since the run up to LWR when i upped my distance per week , tried this massage earlier in week which seems good (watch out for the last line it made me laugh!)

Anyway, the weather wasn't so bad and the wind when we turned at the beach huts on the quarter way mark was WAY better than last week (it was an icy blast then !)

The pace maker was good, last time i used it i found it annoying but today it motivated me, i was behind 6 mins on 3 of the k, but 1 sec below on the first and 25secs below on the last, with a little blast at the end. Finish time was 29.54 so JUST made it, but not a PB, will have to try harder! -5.55 pacemaker??!! We have another few weeks at Appley , then back to our Medina parkrun site in Newport, when the rain finally holds off in theory! Lots of people get PBs on this course cos is almost all flat! 202 people ran this morning, and 229 last week, when Parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt , together with his wife, Jo came to our course which was lovely :) he was very fast too, at 19.28 mins!

Went home for tea and toast, then a wet beach walk with George dog, followed by Cauli cheese soup(sounds strange but really nice slimming world recipe!)


Its nice having a weekend off for a change! :)

PS Boz wants to know from the boys any recommendations for running undies !!

He did confess browsing the c25k forum yesterday, seemed to happen across FrockyHorror's bottom photo which pleased him! :)


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  • well done Aliboo and sub 30 is a such a great time and you have done it twice now :D

    Running undies for men? hmm don't wear any haha

  • Thanks Slow Rob! am pleased with that :)

    **hanging loose eh? i will let him know (he says his running leggings have a seam up the middle when i suggested that!)

  • erm yup hanging loose , not had any chaffing with my running tights at all :D

    It takes a lot of hard work and effort to achieve sub 30 all down to you :)

  • thanks for the tip! He might have to give it a try, as is ok in his cycling shorts without! (but as he pointed out, they are padded!)

    Thanks , my legs a little bit stiff now, more massage for me as per video! :)

  • enjoy the massage :D

  • Fantastic time there Ali, really good. If your other course is faster, you're sure to get a PB there. :) The cauli soup recipe looks yummy.

    Edit: Am I they only one who finds that massage video a teeny bit weird? That's a very androgynous leg!!

  • Thanks Ancient mum, how you doing? Sorry, i meant this course (today)is faster, got my wording a bit confused! not enough cake i reckon! :X will send you a delivery of muffins to the IC later, going to do lime and coconut :)

  • Ooo lime and coconut sounds impossibly exotic, thank you. I'm awaiting your virtual delivery with virtually bated breath. :) I've just reread your post and it's me who got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Your post was perfectly clear. :)

  • Wish i could wing some to you! Boz bought lime juice (bottle) for pancake day as they had run out of lemon( not 100% sure thats true!!) so have large amount to use up , thought lime drizzle onto of coconut buns with a bit thrown in the mix would be interesting(had lime and coconut out a while back! ) we shall see how they turn out! :) i think the post reads both ways! :)

  • Well done...we're you running on sand?Thats even harder!!!Can't help with the underwear situation...only to say think it be good to wear some lol!!

  • Hi Pot, no its on the path(thank goodness!) , with a section on kind of wood chippings through an old moat round a 19th century fort :) very pretty down there, our regular site is a large running field by river.

  • Well done on your great Parkrun time

  • thanks Menzig ! :) i enjoyed the rain in a strange way!

  • Brilliant time! For what it's worth I wear the tighter fitting 'trunks' style of boxers under my tights/knee length things. Helps to prevent chafing and they don't bunch up etc. Too much information I know...

  • thanks for that, hes absorbing all these options, thankyou ! :)

  • Hi Ali well done on your sub 30! Its great when it happens isn't it. Have a lovely weekend off and take care of your calf. Haha re Boz and the Frocky pic- she's famous now, good for her x :-)

  • thanks no excuse! :) i like a bit of a mental challenge occasionally to see if i can do it, only just scraped through! Hope you're ok, getting ready for that HM!

    Yes he only confessed that earlier, will teach me to use his tablet and c25k forum be on his favourites page! think he enjoys it really, even though hes NOT one of us officially! :X

  • Yes getting ready from this week with upping the km's! Boz can be an honorary one of us! x :-)

  • Good luck! you'll do great :) i need to start increasing mine, had a good nearly 5 miles with Tuesday nighters club this week, a new route, nice and steady. Lovely clear night, refreshing after a day stuck inside! :)

  • Technically it's only my arse that's famous :D

  • Well yes technically but a technicality that you should be proud of! X :-)

  • Well done Ali. It sounds like you had a good parkrun

    Is that hurst castle then Ali? I tried to get a boat to there from milford on sea but it was too windy. I'll get there obe day

  • Hello Miss Wobble! Yes a good parkrun :) Have you decided on your marathon, just read about it! Boz's step grandad did several after starting running when he retired, and did New York, London, and the IW one which is VERY hilly in the late 1990s ! he loved it, was out pretty much every day training, ran along the seafront here with a t shirt advertising hotels in exchange for a free lunch, a right character! :)

    You mean the tower?its Appley tower, i just read the link before i didn't know much about it before!


    Hurst Castle you can see from Yarmouth, the other end of the Island, i used to live that end, its very pretty on a sunny day, i haven't been there either, will have to make a point of it one day, looks lovely :)


    Have a good weekend :)

  • Brilliant time aliboo! So well done. You should be thrilled with that.

    When I first read your post I thought you were wearing your shorts and was seriously impressed in this weather! Don't like the guy's voice in the video (I have a "thing" about nice voices!).

  • Thanks irishprincess! Yes know what you mean there about the voice! ! :)

    My pal at parkrun was in shorts and then got down to vest , admittedly it wasn't that cold today just wet! She doesn't own any leggings, shorts all the way! :)

  • Splendid work there Ali on your parkrun. Well done.

    The guy on the video isn't the most charismatic of folks is he?!!! THAT VOICE! But a useful tool (the video I mean). Thanks for posting Ali.

    Tell Boz that a pair of Sports Direct compression shorts hold everything in place and are mega comfy too!


  • Thats for that Dan, i will look them up, we have a SD near where i work :)

    *Bit creepy voice on the guy but i quite liked the video in general, but i keep forgetting half of it a min after watching! brain capacity of a gerbil sometimes! :(

    Hope you bad leg is sorted soon, my right leg is the one that gives me probs too, never the left! :(

    ps i'm supposed to be doing productive things so better go, will answer your post 1st though!!! :) Always funny, even with a sore leg :)

  • Wow that's an amazing time! Watched the video - I'm not sure why we kept having to look at a picture of a naked lady though. His legs were nicer.

  • Thanks useitorloseitit! Nice along Ryde isn't it! ?hope you're ok?

    re the video: is quite funny but i thought the techniques were good! :)

  • Well done Ali great race and fab picture. Commando is fine but I also have Nike compression shorts which as Dan says keeps the boys in order and no chafing ;-)

  • Thanks GF, hope you and Rico are having a restful day after your exercising this morning! Thanks for the tips on undies! sounds like compression shorts are good :)

  • Glad to know I could be of service!!

    Well done on the time ... twice is scientifically proven fact that it's not a fluke :)

  • Boz is liking the forum more and more ! He enjoyed your review ( or should that be Rear view!)

    Thanks , i'm liking the fact i have a 2nd twenty something, if only just! best is 29.17 ! :)

  • Fab time Ali, Well done, youre flying !

    Congratulations and look after that leg , Missus

    Love to you, Boz and George :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy! Just been to the supermarket and its aching again! :( will give it a rub down! blooming thing! hope you're ok and being good with your exercises?! the 2 boys say hello, and to rocky and doug too :)

  • Thanks Ali, yep still doing the exercises like a good 'un and being a model patient :-) xxx

  • thats what i like to hear! :) Boz has just produced tears to my eyes with calf rub, think he enjoyed inflicting pain! ouch, i'm not very brave :(

  • Me neither, Ive pysching myself up for my next massage in 10 days - Arrgh ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic, Ali. Sub-30 will become a regular habit soon I have no doubt!

  • that would be nice! thanks Emma, hope all good with you ?

  • Great run Aliboo!

  • Thanks old git! Having a lazy morning today! :)

  • Oh fantastic! Now you've done it twice hopefully that means it will be easier to do again :)

  • Thanks Hilbean! :) think its mind over matter with me, though it did help that my legs weren't achy yesterday, well atleast not til afterwards!!! :)

  • Yeay for good strong legs and a good strong mind :) Is that lovely massage on the cards now? :D

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