Trying again tomorrow after 2 weeks rest

As the title suggests I'm going to get back out there tomorrow. I've forced myself to have a full 2 weeks off running due to my painful shin splints. I've been walking like mad as I've been so busy with my clients dogs so haven't been sitting down much!!

Hoping it's not too icy....going lunchtimish and taking Lily Labrador.

Going to run and walk just to ease myself back in and hope the pain doesn't return. I've also stopped taking the ibuprofen so no pain masking (I think I've made myself worse by doing that)

Wish me luck! I'm really looking forward to it :)


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  • Good luck Barb. It's always a worry going back after a break, but I'm sure you'll be fine, even after 2 weeks. I've had a couple of 2 week breaks due to illness or whatever, and managed to bounce back nicely.

    Take care

    :) xx

  • Cheers Pinky. I hope so :)

  • Good luck Barbara. Take it easy :)

  • Thanks AM :)

  • Good luck. You will feel a little difference, so don't go mad. Just run until you've had enough :)

  • That's the plan useit....everything crossed. It's just started snowing so it could be interesting :)

  • I have got ice grabbers from Bettaware for when I run and go dog walking. I walk a pully hound and I'm scared to death he'll drag me down on the ice.

    I hope your runs goes well. Go slowly and hope for the best. Have fun!

  • I know what you mean. I have to give Lily a stern talking to in Icy weather. She is small but a swine when she is excited. Lottie is perfect on lead thank goodness. I use Yaktrax which I think are great for walks but haven't run on them yet xx

  • Good luck Barbara :). I'm forcing myself to have at least a week off (maybe more) to give my Achilles a rest so it'll be interesting to see how I fare after that.

  • Oh Ali I didn't know you were injured. Hope it's better soon xx

  • Thanks Barbara - me too! I've either strained it or got tendonitis back again, and I think the lovely new pink shoes were the cause as it seems funny that everything was fine until I started wearing them. :(

  • Noooooooooo. Oh I so hope it isn't your new gorgeous shoes. I'm hoping it's not my shoes causing my shin splints...still haven't been back to the shop. We shall see once it's safe enough to run. It was hard to stay upright walking today so definitely no running here :(

  • So fed up of it, especially as it's like being back to square one as I'd just got over a bout of tendonitis in both of them when I started the diet and exercise lark in October. I've been trying to do the exercises the GP told me to do but it's just too painful to do them :(

  • Good luck Barbara and enjoy :)

  • OOh the dreaded "splints" awful aren't they? You have my sympathy...I had them and after 2 weeks off I was fine, I'm sure you don't need to be told go gently and listen to your body and stop if it hurts...good luck, hope it goes well.

  • Hope everything goes well today for you Barb xxx Take it easy and go gently .....

    I havent ran for a week and I was really tempted to give it a go today, but I am going to hang on for a couple more days just to make sure.

    Let us know how you go on, Good Luck xxx

  • Pops are you still struggling. Hope you are ok in a couple of days. Probably another week for me now...need a thaw :)

  • Hi Barb, aw what a shame :-( We only had a little tiny bit of snow today here, but it didnt stick.

    My calf is better now, but my hip is still a little sore , so I am going to give it another couple of days, maybe I will give it a whirl on Tuesday.

    Hope you get to go out soon :-) xxx

  • And you lovely lady :)

  • We'll I'm gutted to say we had a huge snowfall last night and there is ice underneath. I was so disappointed when I woke up. Beautiful but too risky for me with my job. I have got Yaktrax but whilst my legs feel like they have recovered I thought to run on Yaktrax may not be the best thing. Very lovely morning but then fog arrived too.

    Just wasn't meant to be. Forecast looks quite hairy this week so will wait and see.

    Can't believe how fed up I am :(


  • It's good luck ūüėČ from me!

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