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Hi, I started C25k a few weeks ago. I don't find it easy but was so proud at achieving week 1 and then 2. Unfortunately I then went on holiday and although intending to continue whilst away it was far too hot and I couldn't. I've been back a couple of weeks now the first week suffering from cough and cold. I've felt chesty for 2nd week but disappointed with myself for not getting back on track. Last night I was determined to start again. I got up this morning determined to go to the gym to run. I changed that plan this morning and decided to run by the canal instead (been wanting to do this for so long but afraid to try). I have to say I didn't manage it but it was a wonderful experience. Traveling through beautiful scenery felt so much better than gym running. Unfortunately after my first run I was doubled up coughing and spluttering and being sick so I don't think I'm well enough yet.

I have learnt though that I really want to be fit enough to run outside.


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  • Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and I'm sure once you are fully better you'll be able to charge up and down that canal! :-)

    (By "charge" I meant run slowly and sensibly while enjoying the scenery and sense of achievement so as not to injure yourself!)

  • I run by a river that, rather conveniently, is a 5 minute walk from my house. I am getting to see swans and their growing cygnets, ducks with ducklings, cormorants diving for fish, rowers going through their paces and people just enjoying being outside. Best of all are the friendly nods, smiles and occasional greetings from other runners.

    If you're fit enough to walk outside, then you're fit enough to run outside. Go for it :)

  • You can run if the cold is above the neck. We had a few posts by Dan about running with a hacking cough so you might check those out to see what he did.

    If you can't run yet you can still walk, cycle or swim, yoga etc etc to keep you ticking over so that you're ready to go when you feel better

    You've made a start, and found you love to run outdoors, so that's positive! Running in lovely scenery definitely helps as it seems to cut down the distance from A to B - don't know how but it does! Also you are diverted by all there is to see so you run unconsciously and more relaxed. All good stuff!

    Well done!

  • << You can run if the cold is above the neck. >>

    Is that the best practice then? Useful to know for when the weather turns.


  • Don't worry too much about running in the gym or outside at the start. The treadmill is great for the short run/walk sessions. I can just about do 5k in the gym, but I lose the will to live after that. For long runs outside is a must

  • Well done for getting back out there!


  • Firstly welcome to the group and an even bigger welcome for coming back. Getting started is hard enough with out then having a delay.

    All I can say right now is if you have a chesty cough you really should not be running. That being said, you could easily continue walking, any exercise is better than nothing and walking will help keep the joints loose and work the muscles you will need as the runs get longer. Remember this is not a sprint but a long term goal to get fit..

    Good luck and keep posting, there are lots of people to help you along this road.

  • Thank you everybody, it's nice to be part of a community. After my failed run this morning I went off to the gym for a swim and steam which kept me away from the couch πŸ˜€

  • Good, that sounds just the job. Steam will help those nasal passages.

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