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First runs after 2 weeks off with a cough

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Hello, my last post was in early November when I graduated from C25K. Since then I haven't been managing my 3 runs a week due to work, dark nights, the weather, (any excuse for my laziness). However, I was managing to get in 2x 30 min runs a week, one of them being a 40 min run in which I did 5k (I was buzzing) so better than nothing. Then I was struck down with a cold and awful cough so I had 2 weeks off. I went out last Thursday and again this morning and I feel like I've gone back over. Both times I could only manage 20 mins with about 4 or 5 little walk breaks in. I've still got a bit of a cough though it's not as bad, but think the cold air may be aggravating it (I'll wear my buff next time).. I sound like I've smoked 50 fags when my run is done, coughing and spluttering all over the place. Its only 2 weeks but I feel like I've lost a load of fitness in that time. I'm going to try and get out on Wednesday morning before work if its not too icy and try W6R2 to see how I get on. I'm really disappointed and peed off as I was fine before I got this damn cough 😣

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I don’t think you’ll have lost as much as you think, if anything, the lingering cough is more likely to blame, especially if chesty... your body is still fighting the illness even if your symptoms are going. Stepping back a little is a good idea and running really gently if you run would be good. Maybe get back to the 2 runs you were doing, one longer, and then put a short 3rd run in and use it as a tempo session. Hopefully you’ll breeze the runs you are planning and be back where you were in next to no time.

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TracyyBeeGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, I'll do that. I had that Aussie flu this time last year and it took months to get over it. I'm hoping the cough will have gone completely by the New Year then I can step things up a bit. But for now I'll take your advice 😀

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Hi, I really struggle with my throat and chest in the cold damp air too and have learned the hard way not to push my body too much when recovering. Take it easy, go slower if you can (I find this hard!) or use walk breaks until you’re fully fit again. Once you’re properly well, you’ll probably find the fitness is still there, or that’s certainly been my experience x

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TracyyBeeGraduate in reply to Teacherm

Thanks Teacherm. Just got in from morning run and really pleased with myself. Did 3.5k with about a minute walk break in the middle. Was wrapped up with my buff and hat on. Think that made a difference as I wasn't coughing as much. Anyway I'm happy now 😀

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TeachermGraduate in reply to TracyyBee

Well done! I need to try a buff. Maybe Santa will bring me one!

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TracyyBeeGraduate in reply to Teacherm

Mine was £2.75 off eBay, worth every penny. Fingers crossed Santa brings you one.

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