Almost last run tomorrow for 2 weeks

Almost last run tomorrow for 2 weeks

I am "Batching" at the moment - and to make matters worse, with no car!! So my thoughts of going to Parkrun for my "almost last run" for 2 weeks has fallen through - so am intending to do a 7K run locally instead. I am still playing with my HRM - so I will run the outward bound 3.5k leg using HR "intervals" - I will run until I reach 130 BPM and then walk until I get back down to 120 BPM. A few runs this past week doing this has averaged me out at 127 BPM heart rate which is probably at the top end of my "easy" zone- then I will run the return leg at a non-stop 127BPM heart rate ( this is not as easy as it sounds)

Anyway , anything to stop the "bored with running " rot from setting in too deeply :)

So it will be my almost last run for 2 weeks - because in about a week's time I am going to attempt to "run" to the top of this volcanic cone in North Island of NZ . I have walked around the base of it - and last time I was there I said I was going to get to the top of it next time -- please don't send flowers to my funeral - a donation to your favourite charity will suffice :)

If I survive, you can meet me in the boutique beer brewery in the main street just a bit up from the base.

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  • Wow looks fantastic Bazza. Reminds me of a Mohammad Ali quote "It's not the mountains ahead of you to climb that wear you out but the pebble in your shoe".

    Have a great run to the top. Take a Rocky style selfie when you do it ;-)

  • What a stunning place Bazza but it look immense!! Good thing you've developed those massive calf muscles 'cos you're gonna need 'em. :) I have no doubt that you'll do it though, so I'll be there in spirit, propping up the bar with a cold one for you when you get back. Happy holiday running :)

  • Wow,that looks absolutely gorgeous! Do take plenty of pictures, and enjoy the mountain running.

  • Woweeee! That is such a beautiful place! Good luck with the run, I doff my (imaginary) cap to you in awe Mr B :)

  • Soinds fantastic, enjoy the view from the top!!

    just a question... what is "batching"??????

  • Batching is when a married man is temporarily "single" and has to look after himself. Hence I am batching for 3 days :)

  • ;) and I had been thinking maybe it was about baking batches of loaves... so could be the equivalent for women be... spinning? :)

  • Well, perhaps it should be spelt "Baching" - with no T - as it comes from the word Bachelor :)

  • Sounds...

  • Aww Bazza, we're gonna miss you! Are you really going to run up there? How high is it? Personally I'd settle for the bar..Have a great time!

  • "Only" 230 metres ! :) Why just settle for the bar when I can have both ?? :)

    That reminds me of the joke about the old bull and the young bull!! :))

  • It looks gorgeous, but I don't reckon you'd be up for any "heifers" are bonkers!

  • Blimey, that's some elevation, good luck!

  • Wow, it does look stunning. I can't ever imagine running up something like that. A good walk though, definitely.

    Enjoy it all.

    What a use of your bachelor time.

    :-) xx

  • NO NO!! - I am only Baching for these past couple of days -- do you really think I could get over there on my own ??? :)

  • Temporary batching hey - we could all do with some of that - not sure what our equivalent is - henning??

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