MyAsics intervals the hard way

So I went for my run and boy did I work hard. I set my Garmin up to do 5 mins warm up, 1km run between 5 mins/k and 6 mins/k, 3 min run recovery and repeat another 4 times. Then cool down. It was lovely out the sun was shining but I found it really tough. I got back and looked at the stats and my oh my. The 5 x 1k were

1 -------- 5:12

2 -------- 5:17

3 -------- 5:17

4 --------- 5:40

5 --------- 4:59

Overall it was 8.09k in 49:26 and now stupid Asics has adjusted my plan as my average pace was 6:09 mins/k rather than using the average of my 1ks. Oh well live and learn.

Fantastic run though and can't believe the last K which was partially uphill

Have a great weekend all and go go go!!!


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16 Replies

  • Goodness, that's brilliant! You did work hard didn't you? Well done x

  • Thanks Curly - it didn't feel that fast but it was tough.

  • I'm hovering around 8 Mins per Km and delighted with that, can't imagine getting it down to 5 mins...

  • I used to be at 8 too!

  • Wow, that's some great splits you've got there GF.

    Not sure I udnerstand the bit about MyAsics adjusting the plan - is it increasing the target time for your 10k based on the 6:09? That sounds counter intuitive.

  • Thanks Tomas, Yes it adjusts your pace based on average rather than the 1k splits pace

  • Do you import your Garmin data into MyAsics? I did for the first few times but then stopped bothering as I don't have any intervals in my plan and it seemed easier to just let it use an average. I didn't know if it was clever enough to read more from the Garmin data than just a straight average pace with regards to intervals.

    Going by your last post is the plan asking you for your average 5k time minus the recovery runs (putting you at 26:25 and within the target time)? If so, I would be tempted to tweak the numbers and stay as you were.

    Great split times by the way!

  • Thanks Frocky yes I just imported the garmin run into myasics. I may have to tweak the numbers as you suggest as using the overall average doesn't seem sensible

  • Shame it's not more sophisticated to recognise the split times. Oh well. Can't complain at a free, tailored running programme really!

    Definite manual tweakage required then!

  • Yes can't complain for free ;-)

  • 4.59 is just amazing GF. Bet your grin has made itself at home for the rest of the weekend!

  • Absolutely thanks Slookie

  • Wow! That's really impressive!

  • Thanks Hilbean - Beer o'clock now ;-)

  • Well done GF. It's going great!!!!

    I stopped uploading the Garmin data as it didn't seem to accept it properly. I tried to upload one of my races and it just wouldn't accept it as my race so I ended up doing it manually.

  • Thanks MW I find you have to go in and add more data to get it t ocalculate the average pace

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