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My run took a turn for the better - has this happened to you

Well I ran , this morning, set my mind a course for a 10 k. I have been getter a bit slower recently so I had in my mind to not slow down anymore

First k was average, second k good. Sub 5 min pace. Were the satellites playing up.,,, 3 k still good. So i thought keep the pace up and just do 5k

Ooo. pb today. 25. min 5k. Good for me!!

Should I have carried on- mmm legs were ok. But oh the feeling when map my run states a run in the top 10 %. Nice little flag to celebrate.

Nice long run in the week to make up .

Not sure why it was so much faster- just hope to pass it on.

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great PB ,even more special when un expected , well done :)


Thanks slow rob. Are you back to your park runs now? It was a long slog on the ic. Hope you doing well


it has been a long time on the ic Julie, not quite ready for parkrun yet building back up slowly. thank you for asking :D


what a fantastic time, well done you. A great run :)


Thanks juicy ju. Shame I can't do a marathon yet!!! Will keep trying


"Good for me" !! 25 min 5k is good for anyone!!!! Lol well done!!!!


Mmm I guess it not too shabby for an old un. I was just thinking back, last September I couldn't run for a minute. Quite amazing really

Thank you


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