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Week 9 run 3 - I don't believe it!!!

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Well I did my graduation run and have written my first post ever!!!. What can I say, I have been a parasite, taking in all your support over the weeks. Thank you everyone. The reason I didn't post is I simply didn't think I could do this. At Week 5 run 3. The dreaded 20 min run I was spotted by some colleagues, who howled at how slow it was possible to run. I also knew if I repeated any runs, that this would be my excuse not to proceed, so I made myself run each run to the very end

Guess what I not only finnished this! but:-

1. I ran 3.2 miles in 30 mins - so also achieved the 5 k. Not too shabby for a " slow runner". I was amazed because although it felt a mighty long way, I really wasn't running that fast.

2. My systolic blood preesure is now down from 160 to 120 ( normal )

3. I am a very different shape from when I started

4. I can run 5 K in 30 mins. - what a shocker!! Oh and just had my 51 birthday. Can I just say it once more - I graduated - I can run for 30 mins.

Blimey. It's so true, if I can do this anyone can. PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. Might even have the confidence to post again !!!!

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Well done Juliejam - I hope you are now going to join us crowd and report on progress with lots more posts. Your colleagues are so wrong about you being a slow runner, that is a great pace, wish I could do that sort of time for 5k. Go get your graduation badge.

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to c4ts

Thank you so much. Badge ordered - legs feel like jelly now

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Ha ha I love the tags on your post ! :-)

Many Congratulations to you , this programme is life changing isn't it ?

You have done so well in hitting the magic 5k in 30 minutes too , that is a brilliant achievement , Well done !

Please keep posting, this is a really friendly ,supportive forum and we have a right laugh too !

Love the shiny badge , you should be very, very proud of yourself ! :-) xxx

Juliejam profile image
JuliejamGraduate in reply to poppypug

Poppy pug. thank you, what a lovely person you are. I think you have posted a lovely comment to everyone who graduates without fail.

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Juliejam

That is so kind of you , thankyou.

I do try to post to everyone who graduates, I know how I felt when I graduated and got some lovely posts , so I just like to " pass it on " so to speak :-) xxx

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Well done Julie. Fantastic achievement.

Next time you'll speed by those colleagues. You getting fitter, them getting fatter.

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to runner56

Thank you, will keep going now- hopefully continue getter thinner with every run. You never know you won't see me at all in six months

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Woo hoo! Well done :-) May all your future runs be good uns!

Juliejam profile image

Thanks Andy D - you and slow rob were a couple of weeks ahead of me. Your post kept me going. Thank you

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Absolutely fantastic! Well done! And ignore stupid people who make stupid comments. I bet none of them could run 5k in 30mins!

Congratulations! :)

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to hilbean

Thanks Hilbean - another lovely person who always posts to new graduates. Thank you, it means a lot

hilbean profile image
hilbeanGraduate in reply to Juliejam

Aw that's sweet thank you! Can't wait until it's me with the shiny badge too ;)

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Congratulations Juliejam! Assume your colleagues are a dangerous threat to Mo if they are able to criticise your very decent speed and look forward to seeing them challenging him anytime soon!

Great your blood pressure is down too. What an achievement. Look forward to hearing more from you on here Juliejam :)

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to Slookie

Thanks Slookie-appreciate this.

I think I wrote the " work colleague " statement with the wrong emphasis . It wasn't that it caused upset - rather made me more focused . It might have put me off posting at week 5 because I wasn't doing well, but it certainlly made me work harder rather than cruising. It's amazing how the mind works . I am convinced that running is mostly about sheer determination

Ullyrunner profile image

Welcome and congratulations! That is an excellent time too! Your colleagues must be feeling jealous now!

pinkangel16 profile image


Well done you - graduating is great enough but you've got some fab stats to go with it too.

Welcome, hope to see you again

:-) xx

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I may be dim, or blind, but where do graduates have their medals? Some seem to have what looks like a black padlock, but can't see a medal anywhere! Clue me in please, someone!

Juliejam profile image
JuliejamGraduate in reply to JohnBlake

I was hoping some one would answer. I too am clueless. I think it's the tag that says "graduate". Nothing else has happened.

Good luck for you last three weeks. I found 5 and 6 the hardest doing different runs every day. It not too bad weeks7,8,9

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OH! Sorry, Juliejam, many congratulations! I'd love to be able to do a 30 minute 5k! One day! I'm still on week 6.

Well, how BRILLIANT is that? Very, very well done and congratulations. Hope you celebrate. Keep going and set yourself a new small achievable running target. What do your work colleagues think now?!!!

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to flossieflyblow

Hi flossieflyblow

Cool name. Thank for your good wishes. Needed you advice earlier though, I have had a shocking post graduation run today. Only did 4k. In 24 mins and the legs just went so walked the final bit. Oh dear !!!

The goal is just to keep doing 30 mins runs until it's a bit more effortless . I find it really hard going at the moment. Clearly I need more fitness.

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flossieflyblowGraduate in reply to Juliejam

Don't lose heart! I graduated in autumn last year and got overexcited; 'I can run, I can run!!' and I think I was just going far too fast so simply couldn't manage 30 minutes at all and several times stopped after about 15! So it takes time to build up the stamina. Enjoy the fact that you can plod along ok and check out the trees/front gardens/birds/whatever. I had some health problems discovered in January so had to stop because of treatment etc and have regraduated so am probably at a similar level to you again!! So, just psyching myself to go out this mornng! Doubt if it'll be 5K, but even if it's only 20 minutes, well, that's 20 minutes that I couldn't do when I first started the programme last year! Good luck!

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JuliejamGraduate in reply to flossieflyblow

Hi again. Thanks, such solid advice, I guess I feel because I have done it once or twice , I can do it every time, but you are right not to do too much too soon.

You sound like you have had a really hard time and are not just handling it but being very positive. Amazing, as that is hard with ill health. What a star, I am certain you will make both 5k and 30 mins, all good things come to those who try eventually

Catcha out there sometime. Keep well

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