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still not sure which way to move forward


since i finished c25k not sure how to proceed did try the one where you run for 4 x 10 min with 1 min breaks did for 1 run and was ok but hard and i did not like the walks

then tried the Asics run which had me jogging for 2 miles at a very slow pace

then i tried something different a fast walk up hill for 3.5 miles then run down which was ok but i did acke for the next 2 days

Last night i did a 5 k back on the trail reasonably flat with a few ups and downs

and to be honest may have been a bad day but i really had to work hard to finish

I did however do the 5 k in 33 mins when my other 5 k runs were 35 .5 mins

Maybe my first couple of ks were to fast though i did feel good for the first

2 k then the gremlins started

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Well done for graduating. You could use the free, and excellent, Stepping Stones podcasts which are the follow on from C25k and you will be on familiar territory ☺They help move your running on to,get,you ready for working towards 10k . 3 separate podcasts, eg Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed.

I love em!

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Why not keep it simple and just run 5Ks for a while just because you can? Enjoy 🤗🏃🏃🏃


All is good, you are running!

Perhaps consolidate your three runs a week first, just doing what you fancy but one of the three being an easy paced 5k to keep your distance up. You do not need to run 5 k every run.

Try a 3k interval run occasionally- you can use wk1 of c25k but fast for the runs, slower running when Laura says walk.

Try some hill training too, but start slow and steady, build repeats slowly. Read up about Kenyon Hills.

Dont forget to just go out and run for the joy of it, let it take you wherever you feel.

You could then think about extending one run a week by just a little, either in time or distance. But remember the 10% rule.

Have you tried the 5k + podcasts? Steping Stones, Speed and Stamina. Many graduates use these to help them post graduation.

Good luck runner👍🏼

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Consolidate the 30 minute runs, and then as the others suggest, the C25K+ podcasts, are very, very helpful and take you forward in a structured, safe way.

So,so many of us have used these and still do, mix and match or solo and also added into longer runs too... but that comes after the consolidation of our runs first :)

Remember as Millsie-J says to watch that 10% is all too easy to put yourself on the IC.

Achieving speed and distance takes time... your body needs to get there slowly and safely and you can still challenge yourself and set targets without it being too exhausting :)


thanks guys i'll take on board all your comments as usual the responses here are A1


Having graduated last week I too wasn't sure what to do next - but I've decided what I need to do is just run. I need to get into the habit, and I need to enjoy and want to carry on running. I did a short 3.5 k run/walk on Tuesday, and today 5k setting myself a minimum target of running for at least 20 minutes which I knew I could do, so no pressure. I actually ran for over 30 and felt good - though not as speedy as you :-) Park run on Saturday - then I'll take next week a run at a time.

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I do the same. Minimum 25 min every second day when working and 5 km when day off :) still hate running but enjoy the feeling after :)



i think i will just keep to the 5 k at the moment it would be nice to think it will become easier with a bit of practice we'll see.

anyway i intend to continue running and would like to go further .

I'll give it a week or 2 and see how i feel then it would be nice too think that maybe 1 day soon i would be able to chat to some one as i did the 5k as at the moment i need all my air to live not to waste on conversation.

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