Be Sense Able out there folks

Why oh why do people not follow the golden rule of when out walking/jogging/running on a road (Motorways excluded cos that's plain silly) where there is no path/footpath to use the RH side of the road, therefore facing oncoming traffic? Is it a sign of the times that some parents do not pass on such life skills I wonder ... imho

Is it me or is it just common sense to give yourself prior warning of the vehicles bearing down on you,rather than risk a last minute evasion tactic?

When you take into account the numbers of us out with Laura ringing in our ears that's possibly 2 out of the 5 senses removed from the equation ... don't think taste touch smell would be wise replacements to rely on ... though sadly I'm sure they'd all kick into overdrive once it was too late!

blog inspired by my journey home by car this am

To end on a more positive note following this tip enables a cheery smile (yeah right) an appropriate hand gesture (wave advised) to those "other" road users :)


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  • I have had to stop running on my favourite route - a single track dirt road close to home. With a river on one side and a steep mountainside on the other there's no much room to get out of the way of vehicles. last year when I started C25K for the first time the road had an occasional dog walker or (once) a horse rider but this year I soon realised that there are now plenty of cars (new holiday houses built at the end of the road) on the road. A new route I ran ten days ago saw me popping out of a quiet country lane onto a busy arterial route - no pavements or verges. Plenty overhanging vegetation which means I had a very stressfull 2km run facing oncoming traffic and frequent pressing against walls to avoid fast traffic. Never again.

  • mietjie your favourite route sounds heavenly, I'm a keen walker where I live so have lots of loops mapped out in my mind for when I progress and feel more confident off-roading - yet more terrain appropriate trainers ...

  • Yes one road where I live is great for running but unfortunately no path. So I stick to that one on a Sunday early a.m. when it's much quieter. This Sunday I did lots of appropriate waving only a few acknowledged me with a wave... at least I think they were waving ;). Good blog, everyone stay safe.

  • thanks newyorker570 I'm just dreading a car driven by someone I know stopping to check I'm not in need of medical assistance :)

  • Thats one of the reasons I'm happy to see the bright colours for running tops, bright pink / green does help to keep you to been seen. I also run with just the one earplug in so that I am more aware of traffic and would be muggers coming up behind me. Sad I know but a sign of the times. Keep safe everyone. :)

  • hey oldgirl some very valid points there, tho the thought of muggers is very sad it's valid to staying safe. I always tell hubby roughly how long I'll be out with a good indication of my route too :)

  • Oh yes, I am also a one earplug in runner <grin>. I am thinking of switching to a bluetooth ear piece - that will stop me swatting the wires to the earplugs (not a good look I can tell you) from time to time, plus it will leave one ear open to traffic and other stuff. Mrstickle, I live in a very beautiful part of the scottish Highlands and count myself fortunate. I do miss my dirt track though, but have discovered an amazing run next to a canal which takes me out to the final sea-lock and a stiff sea breeze on the approach. What's to complain about when you have such choices?

  • hi mietjie, no complaints here but shall enjoy visualising your run for my next treadmill encounter (as I go green with envy) thanks ... Visited Drumnadrochit some time ago loved it, do they still hold the Loch Ness run?

  • Oh yes, Loch Ness run is growing bigger every year. I am hoping to do the 10K race this year which is part of the Loch Ness running festival. I ran the first 5k of the route- the new run I mentioned in my earlier post (and which spat me out on a busy road) recently and hope to run the final 5K of the route on Friday - one day I hope to stitch the two 5K's together into a 10k run!

  • That's it you've only gone and inspired another search for this challenge to add to my ever growing list - I'm guessing the training in the rain down here may be helpful for up there?

  • its raining here too! oops just looked out the window and a watery sun have appeared

  • don't wish to tempt fate here but am having a rest day spring cleaning three teenagers rooms so have line after line of washing drying - outside!

  • Well, I guess it really depends on where live to determine which direction is facing the traffic. Here in Atlanta, running on the RH side would have vehicles coming up behind you.

    I am just poking fun. I really do understand your point though.

  • fun poke accepted :)

  • off topic - just curious, how do you read your name: mr stickle or mrs tickle?

  • I am mrs tickle :)

  • love it

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