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Sometimes it's just about being out there

I haven't been in the habit of running on 2 consecutive days but I'm struggling to get out during the week now it's dark in the evenings. So even though I done the Parkrun yesterday when I saw it was such a nice crisp morning (= 4deg C), I was keen to go out and just run for the sake of it.

I'd bought new trail running shoes last weekend but hadn't tried them out so the plan was to see how these felt on some rough tracks. They certainly felt a bit strange to start with, less padded than my normal shoes and a bit stiffer too. It reminded me, I suppose not surprisingly, of running in studded hockey boots many moons ago!

Once through the woods at home I crossed the main road and headed for the path which goes up Corstorphine Hill. the first bit was pretty steep, from the OS map it looks like 100m ascent in 200m distance, and I walked the worst bits. I decided I wasn't going to push too hard, today was about having fun. Eventually ended up on a rocky outcrop looking west across to the airport and beyond and stopped and took some photos.

Having gained all that height I was determined not to loose it quickly so I just wandered about exploring the tracks on the hill top. At this time of year it's not always obvious which is a track and which is just a pile of leaves in a gully. Certainly the trail shoes felt good and the big kid in me loved running through the deep autumn leaves. Icy rock however is slippy whatever footwear you use!

Although this area isn't that far from home, I found some parts I'd not been in before, including an old walled garden now much overgrown but used by the mountain bikers. Their trails made interesting running with lots of humps and cambered bends. Ended up in the carpark of an office but cut through to some field which the kids use for sledging in the winter and ran through the short grass now heavy with moisture as the frost was melting.

I didn't much fancy a steep run down the pavements to head home so went for a diagonal which meant I could run on the grassy strip between the road and the pavement and then cut across a park so only the last 100m or so was back on a main road.

The Endomondo track was a bit displaced (I suspect because I was in woodland a lot of the time), I didn't run very far or very fast, but that wasn't what this was about.

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The benefit of having graduated is that you can run around like a child and convince yourself that it is all part of a training plan. I have never thought that there was anything wrong with being a big kid......some of the time. Sounds like a life affirming run. Great stuff.


That sounds good. A nice reminder that running doesn't always have to be earnest but can just be simple fun.


Lovely area, have stayed around there a few times and admired the views but not yet run.


How lovely - just out there enjoying it - and great visual post.


I must live same side of edinburgh and know where you were running and that is quite a steep hill -- and I have only ever walked up it which was bad enough Really lovely views from top You sound like you had fun. ( I prob saw you at parkrun as was watching it eating.scone in cafe Registered for parkrun today so one step closer to actually taking the plunge and run one )


Let me know when you plan to do the Parkrun and if I'm running that week I'll say hello. BTW was that the Silverknowes cafe - is it any good these days?


Will do thanks Cafe has new owners since June Very very friendly lovely scones and coffee And not expensive Basic surroundings and coldish but getting wood burning stove and think they will improve surroundings in time Would recommend it if you want quick coffee after run or walk


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