I really don't like windy days......week 8 run 3!

Just back from w8r3, it was really hard! went down the seafront again, waves were similar to Friday but MOSTLY not quite so violent! (though i did get a direct splash in the face!) Set off feeling quite happy trying out my new jolly blue sports top(£7 in TKMaxx!). I guess it was a breakthrough moment in that i went out on a busy Sunday(lots of people and dogs out) and didn't feel TOO self conscious anymore! passed a few joggers too though they were all overtaking me or going in other direction. Made me think about my first weeks of C25k when i used out of the way lanes and early mornings when hardly nobody was around! So definite progress there! Heading towards the pier was fine , wind was behind me and although its never easy the run was ok! Turning around to run back to start was LOTS harder though, a really strong wind straight off the sea!!"DON'T LIKE THIS MUCH" :( I thought, it was really hard and still 14 mins to go...... still i did manage to battle on , not helped by my MP3 which kept switching itself off!(hopefully just lack of charge and not died altogether!) gave up with the mp3 in the end and just used time elapsed on the garmin watch. When the 28 mins finished i had NEVER been so glad, one of the hardest runs i have done...........

* just uploaded data from garmin and whilst thinking it was really slow have actually improved my pace from the previous 2 runs average 7.33 per km. Amazed! The wonders of technology! So its turned out ok after all! But still, looking forward to some hopefully calmer weather for week 9.............. happy running ...........


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  • I'm not sure I like the wind against me either! Especially when going uphill. Sounds like you're doing great though. I reckon I'm gonna have to get me a Garmin at some point. They sound brill. I can't wait until I graduate now but it still feels like a long way off at the moment. Did Wk8R2 and I struggled. I'll have a rest and give it another go on Tuesday.

  • they are quite a cool gadget! although i've done all of this week it was definitely a struggle- hope your next run is better for you, i'm doing my next one tues too!

  • Well done Aliboo - sounds like a complete success! I too have runs where I think I'm slow and heavy, only to check my stats afterwards and find out I'd done something incredible! A wave in the face sounds most refreshing actually! Haha! But you've done the third 28 minute run which is brilliant. Only three runs to go.....then it's ALIBOO 70 "GRADUATE"!!

  • The wave did wake me up a bit, was struggling in a "how long to go?" mode! I really did think that i had done a much slower time, so really surprised!! Looking forward to joining the graduation club!

  • I often seem to find that the 'slow' runs turn out to be some of the best pace. I think we tend to associate 'hard' with 'I must be slow today', when what it often means is that we're going faster without realising it! ;-) It was horrid running into the wind today, although I imagine that is must be worse on the seafront. Well done for battling through. :-)

  • Thankyou! yes it was definitely a battle today! That wind was really strong,but at least i wasn't raining-it is now! so things could have been worse! You speak alot of sense, i will try and not to assume that it was bad next time there is a hard run!:)

  • Always look to the positive ~ windy training will make 'nice' days so much easier!

  • looking forward to that!!!

  • Hi Aliboo, well done you, having to run into the wind and improving your pace- impressive! Its good when you can get out there and be less self conscious too, I think you can just get on and enjoy yourself more then. Did my W9R2 this morning, so we are nearly there. I will keep you posted! x

  • Run 2 already! is it ok?! I'm out on run 1 tomorrow, might aim for early morning, if not it will have to be after work.....have 2 day course to attend:( You are almost a graduate!!!! let me know how it goes....!

  • It is ok actually. I got out early, 6.40, it was nice and cool and the sun was shining so I just went for it. It leaves the day for me to feel pleased with myself then! I cant believe we are nearly there- its amazing. I will work on speed after, I was out for 43 mins today, running for 30 and the rest was the walking. So a slow 5k, but I put that down to age! (53) and the fact that I have done nothing for years.My main aim is to be able to keep running without giving up so I am very conscious of trying to pace myself. Good luck with your run tomorrow x

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