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Parkrun No. 2: First Run of the Year and a PB!

Hello my lovely FF ( Forum Friends as coined by Nellyharte). I hope you are having a great day so far and your runs have gone well.

I know lots of you did great Parkruns over the Christmas and New Year holidays and I was jealous as I couldn't escape. So I made up my mind to do one today. This was only the second time I've done Parkrun, the last one being in November.

The weather was cold and wet and I really wanted to turn over and go back to sleep but remembered about the unearthly times some of you get up (Miles) and I thought " just do it".

It was a good turnout considering the weather and a Marshall asked me if I was looking for a PB? I said "no I was just going to do my best and see where it took me" but then I thought that's daft as it is a race! But I also thought about the wise words of FitFor60 who said we shouldn't expect a PB at every Parkrun as it's not going to happen otherwise we'd be on TV wouldn't we?

So I set off with these thoughts in my head and before I knew it I was running a tad faster than normal but you know what? It felt OK. The first K's pace bleeped at 6.20 and the second K was 6.07. I still felt OK so I carried on. The third K came up at 5.46 and I did a double take but it was right as I was starting to feel a bit sickish. But on I went. The fourth K was 6.02 and at that point I thought if I could speed up a bit I could have a better time than the last Parkrun (32.28). I was feeling green and wondered if I could run and vomit at the same time ( sorry) but then told myself that would be a small price to pay for a PB! The things us runners consider! What are we like?

At that point I checked my time and had the wild idea that I could, possibly, ever so possibly, get this done in the holy grail of 30 minutes! How did that happen I thought! How did that really happen? So, I gave it my all ( very nearly did) for the rest of the last and speeded up over the finish line. I felt like throwing up but my GARMIN said I'd done the race in 30.03! I needed the official time as I faffed around a bit at the start and knew that would cost me. But I was so chuffed whatever it was because I knew it was an improvement on the last one.

I was right. I did lose a few seconds at the start but bl**dy hell I am so happy as my official time is 30.07 which I am over the moon about. I didn't set out to run really fast, I hadn't trained for it and have been training to up my distance so have been doing long slow runs but hey ho it seems to make a difference so I'll keep doing it! I didn't make the mystical 30 minutes this time but I now know that I will!

Funny moment afterwards as I had to nip into the supermarket to get a few bits. I did feel a bit conspicuous with my red face, wet clothes and muddy shoes but Lo and behold down one of the aisles I spied other runners just fresh from the Parkrun and looking like me! It was funny in a " we're in this mad club" kind of funny.

Anyway, got home, showered, stretched, ate and had a bout of energy so I made Curried Parsnip soup and a sausage and bean casserole! Batteries have slowed down a tad now and I'm sitting by the fire, drinking tea and eating cake and catching up with my running FF.

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you all had/ will have fab runs today/tomorrow.

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Crumbs Princess!!! Didn't realise you were such a speedy shoes! Well done m'dear, you must be so proud. I dream of going that quick :)


I didn't know I was speedy either AM but it seemed to feel right today. Next time could well be very different!


thats a really fast parkrun adventure! well done you! A great time ! :)

**FF i like that! Me too! made curried parsnip soup on thursday! :)


Thanks aliboo. The soup was yummy but I put a bit too much curry powder in it! It does give you a good sweat though!


Thank you for the excellent Run Report, I P; I really enjoyed reading that - made me chuckle quite a bit too; I'm sure it is possible to vomit and run at the same time, but God help any Poor Fellow Runner (PFR) alongside you at the time! :D

CONGRATULATIONS on your time and excellent PB; you must be so chuffed with that and so pleased you went! It's great when they happen unexpectedly; it is true, they won't always happen - I've stopped worrying about it now, if it happens it happens, if not it doesn't, but when it does happen it's great, so well done!

I like your market encounter too; it sounds a bit like my encounter with the runner in the Coop the other day; always cool to see another runner like that!

Again, well done; happy resting - you've earned it! :-) That soup sounds very tasty too, BTW! :-)


Thank you Miles. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the advice on the dual activity while running! I must say I didn't think about the PFR but I will next time!

Yes I think you're right. Don't think about it and just see what happens. But the slower, longer running definitely seems to help with the speed. Weird isn't it?

And the soup was delicious, if a tad too curry!


WOW just WOW wow wow, so really pleased for you IP that is one hell of time :D :D dpoesnt it feel good to be part of that club :D at our parkrun you see the normal peeps looking at all us runners and wonder what they think :D :D

let me know your secret :D :D


Thank you so much Rob. It feels great to be in this running club. I think the "normal" peeps are either a) jealous or b) think we're absolutely nuts, probably a mixture of both! But we know better don't we?


definitely a bit of both IP :D


Perfect...brilliant time, wonderful blog, and I hope you enjoyed that cake, you deserved it :)


Thank you JJ. Lemon drizzle cake was just the business!


WOW! Now THAT is an achievement! Hugee congratulations on that 30 min 5K! Before you know it, it will be sub 30 time :D


I still have 7 seconds to knock off the magical 30 minute 5K but I know now that I'll do it! But I'm still over the moon with my time. Thank you Melly2.


What a lovely post IP and very well done on doing such a great time! :D


Thank you hilbean. Can't say it was easy but it's done!

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