10km - 47:44 - PB and last run of the year!

Hi all!

Today would normally be my interval session but as I am still on my holidays and wanted a more enjoyable run rather than the pain of 5 sets of 4:10min/kms, I decided to try and beat my previous 10km PB. Bearing in mind that I hadn't tried a fast 10km since the end of April (done in 49:55) I knew that a fast 10km would become a PB, it was just a matter of how much by.

I was icy here in London so I waited until midday until I went out. I ran my Parkrun course and ran the first 5km in reverse and when I got to the starting line I turned around and ran the normal course. The first 5km took me 23:45 and the second 5km took me 23:59. It was difficult to run through the pain in the last 5km as there was no one to push me on and I think if I run a 10km race with other people and a bit of specific training I should be able to knock about 90 seconds off the time.

So a good run to end the year. I'll blog tomorrow about how I have found my first full year of running.

Below is a link to the run and happy running all!



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18 Replies

  • Well done Aftab. A great run and a good way to finish for 2014. The lift you'll get from running that 10k with others would really knock some time off. Are you out on New Year's Day for Parkrun?

  • Great stuff Aftabs, and a great run to round off your running year. How far we've all come ey!

  • Thanks and yes it is amazing when you think of it. I started c25k 20 months ago and found the 1st 1 min interval hard. It just shows that with a bit of application you can achieve a lot.

  • Thanks! I'm planning on doing a gentle 9km on new years and then doing Valentines Park run at 10am. The warm down run on the way home should get me up to a total of 16km.

  • Is there a reason for the 16k? And doing the gentle 9k BEFORE the Valentines Park run?

  • My Thursday runs are normally my slow long runs. So I'm trying to stick to that and do the Parkrun. My last long run was 14km which was 2 weeks ago and I want to run a bit more than that. Also I think the 9km before the Parkrun is the best idea because I'd be too tempted to run the Parkrun fast and then be too tired to keep going on afterwards :-). This way I'll already be tired and near the end of my run so it doesn't matter how fast I go!

  • Good luck. I still plan on the Grovelands/ Oak Hill double Parkrun... alarm clock permitting!

  • I think Parkrun on New Years Day will be fab and I bet there will be a good turn out. I don't think I'm running ours if this ice and snow persists as it was like a skating rink when I did the last one! Folks were slipping and sliding right, left and centre which put me off

  • Just hang back a little and let the faster runners test the course for you. If you see a heap of people on the floor you will know to run around that section!

  • hahaha! That's a sneaky trick! x :-D

  • Thats a heck of a time. Fantastic stuff!!

  • Thanks Rob!

  • Well done Aftabs, that's a great time! No stopping you! Looking forward to your blog tomorrow x :-)

  • Thanks and I have written the blog now:


  • Wow, that's a great time! Well done you, your training has most definitely paid off.

    Great way to end the running year. See you after the fireworks :)

  • Thanks and the 5km training plan definitely helped me with yesterday's run.

  • Nice one Bionic man :)

  • Thanks!

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