Wooowwwwweeeeeeee!!! Why did I not buy some of these ages ago? They are the dogs bo*****s! I didn't realise that there wasn't anywhere to shove my phone in trooosers as skin tight as these, so I wore shorts over the top and used the pocket to chuck my phone in. I also wore my neck tube pulled up over my nose and my black beanie hat. I looked like some sort of running Ninja as I ventured outside. One little 3 year old boy stopped skipping along in front of his Mum when he saw me and hung on to her coat as I passed, looking like an extra from Return of the Zombie Ninja's!

After just 1 minute of running I felt as light as a feather. These running tights were making me feel I could run forever. It was like I was running stark naked along a deserted beach with the sun on my back, with a light breeze willing me forwards!

Ok, perhaps that bit of imagery goes a bit far in terms of legality, but suffice to say I felt amazing.

I ran an extra 100 metres than last time out, 7.1 kilometres! And I probably could have gone further but thought that that was enough for today. I'm sure being a bit lighter is helping me too. Hauling along the 11lbs of fat I've lost since Jan 1st would have been a bit of a task I reckon.

But I cannot sing the praises of these Lycra Lunchbox Leggings enough. Guys - go buy some! Let's make this a better world for the ladies and ourselves as we strut out together! Hahaha!!

Right, my work here is done for today. Happy Running folks.



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  • Hello from newyork danzargo . Went to Central Park yesterday & all the runners where out & all the guys had those tights on with the shorts ( some without) . What with the brooks trainers & the tights who knows what you are going to achieve . Happy running .

  • Ahh New York. I've worked there a few times and remember going for a "Power Walk" in Central Park at 6am before work. These were days long before C25K!

    Have a good time and hope you're on the mend.

  • They do sound very comfortable. You reminded me of Kato from The Pink Panther, though he didn't have the tights, but may be he should have. You'll need a beacon on your head when running in the dark or you'll scare all of us. :-D Well done on the weight loss too.

  • I have a pocket in the back of my running tights, which is very handy indeed. I can get my key and my phone in it. I would like the thermal version though as my lower back gets really cold. Apparently N*ke make them but they're a bit dear but I bet you could get a cheaper version from SD. Well done on running in tights! I can recall my trepidation at facing the world in figure-hugging tights. Is the world ready, does my bum look big. What about my enormous thighs? Who gives a sh*t. LOL Hi Rockette!!!!!! You having a good time ????? Hope so

  • I love that sentiment! I too have been full of trepidation. Sod it I'm sold and going to go and buy some today!

  • I went to the ballet on Friday night (trust me, nowhere smart) and it did make me smile seeing the chaps there with their fab muscley legs flashing away in their tights. The lunchbox situation was very arresting, too, so maybe keep the shorts on unless you want wild women running after you!!

    Sounds like a great run by the way!

  • It WAS a great run! And as regards "lunchbox situation", I can see how that might be an arresting situation - especially if PC Plod is chasing me!!

  • Hilarious mental image of you being chased by some nubile young officers! I'm sure youd reach yet another Personal Best!!

  • Told you they'd be good!

  • yes sir! And I didn't get arrested either. Hooray!!

  • This post is very disappointing Danzo, WHERE'S THE PHOTO? :) :) ;) ;)

  • Owing to British Censorship Laws I am unable to upload aforementioned pic!!

  • totally love it...only you could talk about running tights with such passion...10k here you come boys....!

  • Lol this made my morning, shall be chuckling about this all day

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