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Winter running tights?


My legs are getting really cold when I'm out running and think maybe I ought to invest in a pair of winter running tights. I have looked on the internet and find it a mine field trying to select the ideal pair for winter. I do not have any specialist sports shops near to where I live that I could visit and get their advice. I would really appreciate any advice you may be able to give in helping with my purchase.

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Hi; I haven't got any special winter tights but I do wear a 3/4 length pair under my usual Karrimor running tights if it is particularly cold or windy; I find this works fine & as soon as I get into my run I warm up enough to be glowing gently ( or sweating like a beast as my daughter says!) Even as a beginner in the snow and ice last winter I did the same with lycra gym trousers doubled up (I was too embarrassed to run in just running tights then!)

hope this helps :-)

Ron Hills. Preferably Tracksters. Bought a new pair this winter to replace my old (seven? eight? Maybe ten years old) pair.


I looked at winter tights and decided I couldn't afford them, so I bought a pair of thermal long-johns from Asda for about £6 (or was it £8, I forget) and wear those underneath. Excellent, as long as you tuck them in your running socks before pulling on your running tights!


If you have a liddl store near you they often sell running gear ( I found them to be on the small side for their sizes) otherwise double up x


I bought a pair of these the other day and they are SO worth the money. I go out first thing and they keep my legs the right temperature. I was wearing thick jogging bottoms before as I wasn't sure if I was brave enough to run AND wear lycra but thought sod it :)


I'm the same as Poppy - I wear a thermal base-layer under my normal running gear. (Long sleeved thermal top and thermal leggings). Got them in Sports Direct, who also have a website. (Beware of their shipping rates though, it's only £1 more for express delivery so I thought I might as well do that!). Found them true to size and keeps me nice and warm. I also invested in some really seriously expensive waterproof socks as our parkrun has been flooded for weeks now. They're called Sealskinz and were £25 but sooooooo worth it. I put a thermal liner sock on underneath and have Goretex trail shoes and now my feet never get cold or wet :)


The have some compression tights in Aldi which are worn under your running leggings. Aldi also has merino tights in store (if you get there quick enough)

Nike have thermal running tights (from sportsdirect shops or online) and I think SD do their own Karrimor brand thermal running tights.

I tuck my running top down inside my tights to keep the small of my back warm, and then put my running waterproof on to hide the bulges


Thanks everyone for your input. I'll get myself sorted now.


ive had my karrimor leggings for last 2 months from sports direct i think they were £16 keep my legs warm try online you dnt need to buy the best not if your just getting in to this they got cheap tops socks hats every think you will need good luck

Agree with Sportsdirect. Worth subscribing to their daily email - they've always got some kind of special offer. Bought nearly all my stuff from them and haven't spent a fortune.

I use Altrua winter cycling tights, they are great, keep me warm as toast.


Ronhill Tracksters.Try Go Outdoors for their prices.


I noticed some thicker running leggings in tesco today! Cheap top

I have sorts direct stuff too my legs are ok it's my hands I have a problem with......


Visited sports direct today. But not sure now if the roads are quite ready for my legs in tights so for now will wear an extra layer to keep legs warm like you suggest. Might look at the ronhill tracksters next, a few of you have mentioned how good they are. SD good for tops though. Thank you all for the advice.

I don't have any myself but like you have considered buying some. I ran a couple of weeks ago on a very cold and frosty morning and ended up injuring my calf muscle, I am sure the cold weather did not help.taken two weeks to settle down


I ended up buying ronhill tracksters not tights as a few advised on this forum and I love them . So comfortable to wear. So thank you for all your input and advice.

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