A month after graduation update * man's running tights hanging in my closet and they're not Steve's! ;-)

Just had to share with all of you a post-grad, one month update! Since graduating Oct. 4, we have went on to run 2 - organized 5K's plus continue to run a night or two through the week. This last 5K run was a very cold Fall morning so we debated on how to stay warm but not get overheated. I needed a new pair of sweats, so we did one of my favorite activities...WE WENT SHOPPING! :-) After trying on several pairs of women's running pants, sweats etc. I was getting totally frustrated and I know Steve was looking forward to making it home for a beer. :-) Either no pockets, not long enough, too long, fabric weight etc... we ventured over to the men's dept. for Steve to look at a pair of compression pants lined for warmth. On a fluke, I decided to try some on...well long story short, they fit me better then any of the other stuff I tried!! On a man they are designed to come up mid-calf, but on me they fit perfectly right above the ankle. :-) So, race morning arrived and I was sporting my long sleeved, hot pink running shirt and my "hot" compression tights with a pair of shorts over the top! Now I know why you guys run faster/jump higher! :-) I will never, ever go back to running in sweats again! I will be investing in compression shorts/capri's when the weather warms. I like how they fit snug against the body and help free up my movement plus they look cool...I looked like most of the other runners! :-) Hopefully, some of our stores will get in a stock of the women's active-wear, if not, I'm shopping in the men's department! ;-) I also learned to remove my jacket prior to the run even if it is cold out. I hadn't even made it to the 1 mile mark and I was peeling it off! Ahhhh... the joys of learning as new runner!!! :-) Gayle


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  • I wanted to also add it is exactly 3 months since we started the C25K journey. In 3 months time we have went from running difficult - 1 minute segments to running organized 5K's! How amazing is that??? We are shouting C25K from the rooftop! This program works as long as you work it and never doubt it! :-)

  • As long as Steve doesnt have a pair of women's tights in his closet.....running or otherwise!!!

    Mmmmmmm, shopping! Mmmmmmmm, shopping forf running gear - even better!! What IS wrong with us Gayle?! I am forever checking websites, magazines and shops for running stuff and just love it! (BTW, I'm sure Steve has dropped a few hints for what he wants for Christmas hasnt he??)

    I have a couple of pairs of long running tights and love them but am now looking at winter compression tights too - Under Armour looks good.

    Its amazing what we can achieve in 3 months isnt it, and it has gone soooooo quick too!

    Stealing your hubby's phrase - keep running!

    Sue x

  • Oh my, where to start with this one...let's begin with Steve and women's tights! I am fighting the urge to not behave and say something very saucy (saucy, which by the way is a term that you taught me following a prior post about spandex, Sue!) NO...neither running or otherwise, would you find them in my closet, unless Gayle leaves hers there for me to do the laundry!! :-)

    Now, onto this Christmas list. :-) Being a runner yourself Sue, what gizmos and gadgets have you found that you enjoy and would suggest? With Gayle and I just beginning this fitness and running adventure, I am sure that we could use any suggestions which you may have. ;-)

    We looked at the Under Armour winter gear also, Sue. Nike has a comparable line, but I can't remember what they call theirs right now. Starter also has a line and that is what Gayle and I are giving a try. They are a fair bit less costly, but I am not sure how the quality measures up. We will have to see.

    I still can't believe that I WANT running gear!! We have come so far in so short a time!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


    P.S. Please don't forget your gizmo suggestions, I want to be sure that Gayle can order early and not miss out on any must-have items!! ;-)

  • Yep, Under Armour are pretty expensive so will look around.

    As for gizmo's, no other ideas at the moment Steve other than the GPS watch - but I will keep my eyes peeled! Cant really include the new kindle fire HD can I - not really anything to do with running but I still want one!!!


  • Not sure what is wrong with us Sue, it must be that Cult thing I heard of!!! :-) It truly is amazing to think just 3 months ago I did not know one little thing about running, but now I can discuss running wear and gear with the best of "em! ;-) Shoes! Lets not even get started on shoes! ;-) I did find me a cute, bright pink running top (long sleeved of course) that I wore in your honor on the last 5K!

    Hints for Christmas????? Whatever would you be referring to???? Steve never drops hints for Christmas... oh, wait! Could it be this HUGE handwritten list sitting before me? :-) He LOVES his toys!

  • Aaah, a pink top worn in my honour, so lovely!! I have a long sleeved oned too.........surprise, surprise!!

    I got 2 Buffs today through the post - guess what colours? one purple and one....PINK!!! I didnt even know what these were until I read a blog last week and thought "I want one of those too"!! Sx

  • Buffs? Do tell! They sound lovely! :-)

  • buffshop.co.uk/acatalog/Ori...

    Check them out here; ideal for winter running but so versatile too - check out this youtube video on how to wear them - amazing!

  • Thank you for enabling Sue! This is another Christmas list must have! Wow! It does so many things! Not sure but I think it can vacuum and water the dog too!!!! ;-)

  • They sound great, Gayle! Just the job for cold, winter running. They had some gents running tights in Lidl recently but only capris for women. I didn't think to try on the men's tights - there're no changing rooms in Lidl but I suppose I could've taken them back if they didn't do. Or ...... I could've persuaded my Steve (reluctanthusband) to squeeze into them! It would've been good for a laugh, anyway! Oh well, I'll just have to go shopping again! :)

  • I have a feeling if your Steve and my Steve had to fit into our running tights, they might not be the same deep voiced men they are now! :-) They would definitely understand what we women go through preparing for a special event and wearing our special "suck you in" undergarments! ;-)

  • Too true! :)

  • Oh my, my lovely Gayle forgot to add a very important piece of information to her post. She failed to mention that she took 1.5 minutes off of her overall time!! She ran her fastest 5k yet and looked great doing it!! I am so very proud of her!! :-)

    Now that you have those fancy britches to run in, I may just have to start running behind you!! ;-)

  • Haha!!! Funny, funny!!!! I will never run as fast or jump as high as you even with my special mens britches!!!! ;-) You can still run behind me if you want but I kinda like running behind you and checking out that... hmmm.... guess I better not post what I was thinking!! ;-)

  • I know how you feel with the boy stuff - my capris and shorts are women's, but everything else is men's. Being 6 ft tall with a 34" inside leg, there is no way any of the female stuff is long enough for me - the leggings finish halfway down my calves and I could wear most of the tops as crop tops! Bit of a pain, but hey, small men's sizes usually fit and it does mean I get away from the permanent pink that seems to feature in most of the ladies ranges. Also, as the XS and S sizes appear to be too small for most men, it means you get some really good sale bargains!

  • I like the mens too, they almost seem to fit better even though I am petite. I decided to go all black or grey, then I will dress it up with my girlie pinks, teals etc. in my top shirts, shorts etc. Oh my, I never knew running could lead into my making a fashion statement on the track. :-)

  • Now Mr and Mrs Hall, are you giving us TMI about your cross-dressing habits? The mind boggles as to the interior of your closets!

    Anyway you two are absolutely awesome and I certainly hope to visit Dodge City one day! Hugz, delia

  • Delia, you're on to us...you are a very wise woman...although, now that you're on to us, what is this I came across last night...someone posted that you were promising to post pics of some Italian dressed runners in tight running wear? Do tell! I don't want to miss the pics! ;-) You are welcome here in good ol' Dodge City anytime! :-)

  • I just want to say to all of you, "Thank you", you have just brightened my day up no-end. The thought of all those men in tights...........

  • :-) success! Our job is done now! :-)

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