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Are running tights suppose to be wrinkly in the legs?


I just bought a pair of Karrimor running tights, two tops and a light jacket. The tops and jacket fit lovely. The tights however are quite wrinkly in the legs and I'm pretty sure they aren't suppose to be. If I get the next size down I don't think I'd get them over my butt as the waist on these are quite a tight fit.

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They should be tight. I bought a pair of Brooks running tights and they were too long in the leg. If I folded the bottom cuff to make then the correct length, they were too baggy around my lower leg even with my big calves. They really need to be shortened at the top if you understand.

I passed these on to a friend and bought a pair of More Mile thermal tights. These are a snug fit. I thought they wouldn't fit over my bum, but they do. They fit like glove. I decided not to bother with normal (ie non thermal) tights and go straight to 3/4 length tights when it's above 4 or 5 degrees C.

caz1_caGraduate in reply to swanscot

I have a pair of regular thermal tights that I have been wearing and they are tight. Unfortunately they have gone all bitty with pink bobbles off my sweatshirt around the bum area. So now I can't wear them without the sweatshirt to cover up the bobble bits and it's starting to get a bit warm now. Maybe the 3/4 length is the way to go. Thanks for you reply. :-)


I heard the Karrimor ones go baggy. I've got Run 365 ones and they are fine. Bit big in the waist for me but I have the same problem with all trousers.

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Cazvs

My goodness these started out baggy, if they went any baggier I'd look like Nora Batty. Haha

CazvsGraduate in reply to caz1_ca

Maybe it's a height thing. I'm only 5'4" so the full length Run 365 would probably be like capris on everyone else :D


My Karrimore ones are great, but quite obviously designed for a person of 5' 8" or over! I could easily turn up the bottoms for a good six inches. However, they fit nicely everywhere else and aren't baggy at all after 4 months of washing so I just run with Nora Batty ankles :D

caz1_caGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

I'm 5'4 and 133lbs they fit in the waist and the bum but from the tops of the legs down are quite loose. I was very disappointed. However I shall return them and get something else. It's just a pain because at sports direct you can't try them on.

BeadsGraduate in reply to caz1_ca

I'm 5'4" and the same weight as you give or take a couple of pounds (depending whether I've had breakfast or not!), I have Primark cheapo 3/4, size 10, and they fit great, about 3" below my knee. They've been washed and worn for a few months now with no problems re fit.

My long Ronhill ones also seem to be the right length, but I can't remember why I went over to the 3/4s while it was still so cold!


My hubby had karrimore ones to start with and they are awful on him, so wrinkly I couldn't stop laughing! :D Now we both have more mile tights which are great and I also have Nike ones, full length and capri which I love; they have a great feel, fit good and wash well.


caz1_caGraduate in reply to SBG356

Yeah I understand the wrinkly look, it certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I think they had a pair of Nike ones so I will try those. Thanks. :-)


Thanks everyone for your input. I swapped the Karrimor ones for the Nike ones which I managed to try on. No wrinkles. :-) I should look like a proper now, clothes wise anyway. Hahaha.

I have the Brooks tights which I got from MandM so they were really cheap - and I liked them so much I bought their running tights shorts. They're too long in the leg, but only at the bottom, and only by about two inches, so I let the shin parts wrinkle!

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