Black Lycra tights ! Who would have thought it

My 3 children bought me voucher for running shop for Christmas So went in to buy loose running bottoms like track suit( lost some weight but stone to go) but wicking material Anyway tried on 8 pairs and ended up with skin tight Lycra looking tights with flashes of bright purple and turquoise ! Love them Then went back to shop where i bought my running shoes when first started this running lark in aug cos really pleased with fitting etc Ended up buying trail shoes (for charity run in may ) grey / neon pink My dad kindly buying them as early birthday present I can remember how nervous I was wk 1 in case anybody saw me but they are not going to miss me now!!!! Way hey unbelievable how confidence can go through the roof in such a relatively short space of time Now must save up for new top -- any colour suggestion?


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  • I know what you mean ! I never thought I would have been seen in day light in a pair but after initial run I don't give a monkeys , I love em , they are so comfy aren't they . Ha ha get us !

  • Hopefully ill still feel like this when wear them outside for first time tomorrow Scary thing is girl in shop says ill probably be back in summer for running shorts! Think that might be step toooo far

  • Haha, you won't give a monkey's by then! Woo, get you Foxy Lady! ;-)

  • Mmmm I ll see Hope you are right

  • Nope - you'll need shorts when it gets warmer - and by then you won't care !

  • Never run in heat so actually not looking forward to it Not sure if world is ready to see my bare thighs yet Maybe compromise and Capri tights?? But never say never

  • I am 75 in a few weeks time and I love all my gear there's a picture of me on one of my posts if you can find it. Enjoy wearing yours Pat. :-)

  • You are an inspiration Pat thanks

  • I find my tights very liberating. I have only run in capris before now but this summer I intend to go for some shorts. May be a bright purple or turquoise top would work well to match the flashes of colour on your tights?

  • Liberating? The mind boggles! I am too shy to wear such figure hugging items of clothing, although I would love to strut my stuff around Richmond in them. I'd be frightened of getting arrested though,, cos they don't leave much to the imagination (especially if you're a chap like me). Maybe when I've lost a few pounds though........

  • He he, we girls are very lucky not to have those worries. Its like running in a second skin, I can't bear my clothes flapping about as I run. You could always try putting a pair of shorts over, I've seen many a runner do it.

  • Hi Jen That would work for men

  • Yes nick tilsley did just that on corra other night lol

  • I have to agree with you Tooooo tight Lycra not good look for certain areas in a man But I am sure there must be a mans fit that accommodates that problem

  • My son wears Skinz compression shorts with normal running shorts over the top he says they are amazing for fellas, but you might need to use some body glide to stop any rubbing

  • Hi mummy's I'm guessing you are offering this advice to dansargo and the other men out there You must have interesting conversations with your son My son in law is also an ultra marathon runner but never mentioned body glide to me Im guessing similar to moisturiser ?

  • Lol yes sorry I should of mentioned Dans name, bodyglide is more like a non friction Vaseline it stays on the skin rather than in the skin lets the clothes move without rubbing for a better description have a look at sweatshops website

  • Thanks Mummysaurus

  • Sorry Mummysaurus but I have just realised that your meant rubbing between thighs I had only read about nipple chaffing and hadn't thought about thighs It's a whole new language us runners have to learn Thanks for the tip

  • I did see really nice bright purple one today

  • I think purple would match really well.

  • I defo think bright pink, lurid purple or get-your-sunglasses-on flourescent orange will fit the new confident you. :-D

  • Yes Christian pink ok purple ok but orange not good when face all blotchy so maybe ill avoid that

  • fabulous..that outfit sounds perfect...what about turqouise for the top? congrats on the weight loss too..

  • Thanks juicyju I am veering towards purple or turquoise I hope I can keep on losing slowly and stop years of yo yo dieting Be over the moon if I could get last stone off in next 6 months

  • I have a pair. I am a sight to behold in them! They are surprisingly comfortable. :-)

  • I am sure you are not a sight I am so looking forward not to have my wet trackie bottoms flapping round my ankles My daughter in law has just txt me to say black Lycra is really slimming look

  • Way to go Fitfor60! I think you need two running tops, one bright purple and the other one turquoise. I have a turquoise one and love it! It goes quite nicely with my red face.

  • You are so right Irish princess 2tops it is I have spent all adult life wearing black t shirt and jogging bottoms for any fitness activity but now this girls just going to have fun

  • I went for the skin tight long leggings as I didn't want anything flapping in the mud. I thought I'd look like a sack of spuds in them but they pull everything in don't they.They make you look slimmer I reckon. Mind you I don't have a full length mirror! LOL Get two tops, one turquoise and one purple. Sorted! A girl needs more than one anyway. One in the wash an all that

  • You are so right thanks

  • I run in black with purple or black with fluro green leggings, purple or turquoise tops and a bright pink jacket in the winter. Figure they will only see the clothes and not recognise me if they see me in other settings :)

    Useful tip once you go into shorts. Get some body-glide to prevent thigh chafe. Also artificial tanning if you like me could give people snow blindness from the thighs!

  • Your clothes sound fabulous Mummysaurus mentioned body glide as well - is it like moisturiser and do you get it in sports shops or Boots

  • I got mine off Amazon, so not certain where else. I use it for thighs and for avoiding wetsuit rub at the neck, wrists and is a bit like a stick deodorant in consistency

  • Thanks kiwiHelen

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