week 1 run 2

I managed my week 1 second run of the week tonight!

I was thinking of giving up as I found the first one very hard! ( I really have been a couch potato! nothing! not even walking!)

Anyway thanks for all the encouragement and support on here I gave it another go. Went much slower tonight with smaller steps? (I think I was running slower than I was walking? ) I took smaller steps too and managed it without a coronary!

Thanks again! It really helps knowing you are not doing it on your own!


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  • well done you. it is hard sometimes to get motivated but now you have started i am sure you will get the running bug and want to go on and improve your health and fitness levels. Good luck to you in your venture and keep us posted.

  • That's brilliant. It took me a few weeks to get past week 1 - I had to ditch Laura for a bit and make my own program on runkeeper to just run 10 seconds to start with as I found it so difficult! Just so you know it can be done, last night I ran 4km non stop in just under 30 minutes, so it is doable for even someone who was drastically unfit

  • Well done on completing it. In many ways those first runs are the hardest. Don't worry about speed - that can come later, and don't worry if the programme takes longer than 9 weeks - you can repeat runs if you need to. I can honestly say this programme has changed my attitude to exercise - I am the fittest I've been in years, but also generally healthier and less stressed too. Please persevere with the programme - it really can change lives - good luck!

  • Well done..me too, second session week 1 last night. Thought it went past more quickly? Have a nagging suspicion I may have to carry a slight kneww problem though. Lst sessionover at the Common this weekend!

  • Well done on getting this done. The first week can be tough to get through and its often as hard mentally. I am sure things will improve as you continue.

  • Well done for getting out their twice, one is a taster two is determination. We all find our feet with this at different times. I struggled so much in the beginning coming home with a beetroot face and huffing and puffing but by the 2nd week I was laughing about it and by the 3rd I was proud of my red face. Your doing fine take it slow and steady and you will get there.

  • Hello BarryP

    I'm still running slower than I walk, and therefore covering less distance. even at Week5 BUT as others on the forum have encouraged me, the speed/distance doesn't matter. What matters is that you keep putting one foot in front of the other at a pace that is comfortable (and safe) for you. Your aim is to get fitter - not killed - and keeping going is what matters.

    Like you, I found week one really tough and was convinced that there was no way I was going to be able to run for more than a minute - ever. This morning I ran for 8 minutes continuously - twice and am starting to believe I might even make the 20 minutes continuous run that is the next big target. It really can be done PROVIDED you take things at the right pace for you. If you are able to walk faster than you can run, then the running speed will improve in time as your body gets used to the extra effort needed to run.

    Believe in yourself, trust in the programme and, above all, keep smiling, knowing that you are doing yourself some good so long as you are sensible about how you do it.

  • Well done BarryP for not giving up and having another go, ditto the above, it does get easier. Slow and steady wins the race and this really is true for c25k. Keep it manageable and that will keep you motivated.

    I'm not fast now, most runners overtake me in the mornings (lots more folk out now it's lighter), but I'm just glad I'm out there doing it, getting the 'runners nod' from others is nice too.

    Keep going, even if you're a plodder like me!!!

  • Barry P,well done on starting the plan, and good luck on seeing it through to the end. The one thing you are not allowed to do now is give up! It doesn't matter how many times you repeat a week, till you feel ready to move on, nor does it matter how slowly you run. In fact if you've never done any exercise before, i would say you MUST go really slowly, as otherwise you will get exhausted and disheartened and not be able to make the longer runs. I've been really pleased at the way this plan has worked for me. From struggling to do the one-minute runs on week 1, to covering 7k+ without stopping now, I never would have thought it possible in those first few weeks. Even 30 mins running seemed an unattainable goal in those days. Stick with it, take your time, and keep checking in here for moral support!

  • Good on you Barry P. It sounds like you have a great attitude, so keep on in there and the results will come.

  • Please, please, please don't give up. OK, it may be difficult at times (we've all been there) but the effort really is worth it.

    Now is the best time of the year to start with the spring just round the corner, and you getting fitter and leaner for summer.

    If you ever feel uninspired, please watch 'running for my existence' on Youtube.

    Good luck, and KEEP US POSTED!

  • Well done BarryP. Often the hardest bit is getting out there in the first place but you've now done that twice. Don't worry about being fast, you're not training for the Commonwealth Games so just concentrate on following the plan at a pace that's comfortable for you. As you work through it you will find that you can run further and faster without even trying, it will come naturally as your body becomes fitter and adjusts to what you're doing.

    I started Week 1 back in January and my last two runs have been 5k runs , one at 36 mins and I was delighted with that. I was even more delighted with the 32 minute one yesterday and even managed to follow up with a further 5k on the bike.

    Once the bug bites you're going to find it hard to stop. For now, just listen to Laura and follow the plan. Eventually you'll be on here passing on encouragement to others having got through week 9. And just in case you think I'm some sort of super-athlete, I am 55 years old and have not done any running since I was at school and that was 40 years ago.

  • Don't give up!! You've done the hard bit by deciding to do this & tackling the first run. This Forum is fantastic to share your 'over the moon' running moments as well as your 'i need help!!' moments. Keep posting & keep running

  • Keep at it. I still walk faster but at week six I am fitter than ever in my 59 years!

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