WK6 R3 It's Official - I'm a Runner!

Can't believe it but I got through the dreaded 25 min run this morning! I changed my route so I would concentrate a bit more on where I was rather than what I was trying to achieve and it worked. The first 5 minutes saw my breathing in a terrible mess and my ankles and calves were on fire but after I gave myself a good talking too I seemed to settle down after that.

Not a fantastic pace today (4.5 m/hr apparently) though but I managed to keep it consistent (even up a little hill). The 2 minutes after half way were REALLY tough and my legs and ankles were still burning but I kind of pony trotted/lifted my knees up a bit to relieve them and it seemed to get the blood flowing around. Things got easier (probably psychologically too) and then I reached 5.8 just for the last 60 seconds as Laura instructed to do if at all possible.

I couldn't believe it when I had only 60 seconds to go and this really lifted me to drain the last bit of fuel from the tank to up the speed a wee bit. I was so pleased with myself and when Laura said it was official and that I was now a runner I genuinely could have cried and I grinned like a Cheshire cat :-) I just can't believe that 6 weeks ago I could barely run 3 minutes and here i am running for 25!!

This programme is EXCELLENT and so are all the lovely forum members - thanks for all the support so far and look forward to week 7! Bye for now!!

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  • Congratulations. Thats great. I am a week behind but didnt manage the 20 mins today. I will keep trying.

    Good luck for week 7!

  • Thank you - you too! Keep running :-)

  • Oops I'm so sorry I didn't read your reply properly initially. Don;t worry if you didn't quite make it today. We all have runs where we don't quite make it but the secret is to keep trying. I expect you'll fly through it on your next session. All the best for the next run and I'm sure we will all get there eventually! I am determined to get that Graduation badge - may take a little longer than 9 weeks but I am determined ot do it!!All the best with your running journey Catkin69 and thanks for replying :-)xxxx

  • Congratulations! I'm just on week 5 and have the 20 minute run at the weekend - I am both scared and excited. :-D

  • You got this PandaRunner... slow and steady and have faith in all the hard work you've already put in... You'll nail it!

  • Ooo good luck - you'll be fine. Just enjoy it - its a great programme isn't it?! I can;t believe the difference it has made to me and wish you all th best too xx

  • Well done! You are definitely now a runner! All the best for the coming weeks...

    The feeling of satisfaction at reaching this milestone entitles you to shout, cry, scream and punch the air! Great stuff!

  • Well done! I'm almost there - have done Wk6R2 for 2 weeks because of illness meaning I've not completed it in one go. Today, I cracked it, and can't wait to get where you are now.

  • Aww well done for sticking with it :-). I think I am going to do Wk R3 for a couple more sessions just until it feels more comfortable. I really had to grin and bear it (literally with gritted teeth! )half way through but I would like to be able to run it comfortably before I move on. I expect you'll catch me up soon !. Hope you are feeling better now -. Keep running and smiling!! :-)

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