Week 9 run 2

So that's run two under my belt... It was kind of weird today, I felt zoned out. I was running alone today and really enjoyed it but some how missed four mins of the cool down!!! I don't know what happened , I was just so enjoying it and didn't acknowledge the cool down. 50 seconds left and I slowed down thinking Nicky what the hell? Haha anyway.. I walked for five mins to make up for it and stretched when I got home. So guys and gals.... One more run left.... Wooooohooooooooo

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  • Great stuff! If you zoned out then that's it! You've cracked it!!! Zoning out means you're running smoothly and unconsciously. You're in the zone.

    That's quite a momentous event you know, and before Graduation. So good for you

    So, we're unfurling the bunting, dusting off the medal podium and breaking out the pom poms. Not long now

  • Just one to go, good luck with it.

  • Excellent. Just one more to go.....

  • Well done!

    On your marks, get set...................oh no.....you need a rest day.

    Good luck.

  • Haha thanks everyone and thanks misswobble... Yep ... I will be jumping up and down for joy

  • SUPER well done Nicky :D :D really so close now and deservedly so :D it is an amazing thing when you just it just happens :D we are all here waiting at the finish line :D

  • Awww thanks Rob that means such a lot .. Your all amazing xx

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