Couch to 5K

W7 run 2 all done

Yep all done, in the dark and in the rain. A lot warmer than it was on Monday but still a little nippy. The run went okay, I struggled for the first mile and thought my legs would give out around half way which I found a tad odd. So I slowed down a little and carried on, just using the wait at road junctions as a tiny rest stop as the cars went past. So on I went in my own little cold and wet world. Then a big SUV came past and the bow wave hit me and landed my squarely back in reality. So now very wet and cold I dug down deep and pushed on. I was getting very tired and started to doubt that I would finish this run, I pondered as I have finished this run twice already.

I got to the last sixty seconds and opened the throttle as much as I could and finished with what felt like a monumental effort which I've not really needed to do before. But after checking my tracker I found that I had upped my pace and pushed to hard at the start rather than easing into it. So my own fault for going at it like a supercharged bull in a China shop. On the upside, the new running top got an outing and subsequently soaked.

Bring on final run on Friday.

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brilliant...good run, nicely done :)


Well done especially on a horrible night and you survived a soaking!


No need to go too fast at this stage. You could hurt yourself! Go steady. The idea is to complete the programme in one piece

Getting drenched is par for the course. Between runs and walking the dog it seems that we're destined to be damp.

I hope your new top has passed muster and it did a good job for you. When you graduate you can treat yourself to a new piece of running kit


Trust me, my intention was not to bolt off at the speed of a thousand gazelles. I have a good pace that i normally stick too, but now and then i do go off on one now and then. The top did its job, i have another one but in black. The do a good job of keeping the rain off and the wind at bay. So much so that i wear it under my bike jacket as an extra windproof layer. The new one is just hi viz.

I am wonder what bit of kit to get when i pass, before i started this i owned a fair bit from my hill walking days. I am looking at maybe a garmin forerunner and a foot pod. I use my samsung S5 and Gear fit watch at the moment but would like a little more in depth stats for future training.


I have the bog standard Garmin Forerunner 10 but I wouldn't be without it. I think you need one when you start training for races and you need to know how fast and how far to run.

If you have a smart phone that might do that for you


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