Couch to 5K


Well thought I had solved my tech problem and had finally located a c25k podcast for my Windows phone(long involved story which I won't bore you with 're app/Apple I'd/desertion by Laura).So I set out with my go faster beanie hat,trendy tights and handy head torch(yep tried for alliteration) this morning before work.Went to pod cast and quelle horreur!!!it was n't there.So thinking quickly on my feet(because I was) I started my stop watch and turned to spotlify for music...No luck there either..thought I had downloaded but obviously not. Anyway the only run I could remember was week 5 run 1&2.Well already did run 1 twice due to problems as above so went for run2....and did it!It means I have skipped week 4 but I feel OK.I may repeat run 2 before tackling the big 20!Hope all is well with everyone....

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Isn't technology wonderful when it works? Well done on the run.


I downloaded all the podcasts from this page so I get the lovely Laura.

I graduated in 2013 and then downloaded the three graduate podcasts. I've tried many times running without Laura but I can't!


Ha ha, I read that as PROD cast! Maybe that''s what we should call them...


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