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Anyone struggling with week 6?

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Was dreading week 5 with the 20 minute final run but I did it and it wasn't as hard as I expected.

Thought week six would be a piece of cake but I'm finding it hard! In fact the hardest week yet but no idea why.

I've had to repeat run 1 twice because I couldn't do it the first time, had to stop about two minutes before the end. Did it the second time but struggled towards the end.

Any advice? Is it worth starting run 2? Not struggled like this with any weeks so far, have pretty much been plain sailing.

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Hi Kezz, don't be alarmed! W6 is a trickster! Lots of us posted the very same last week about this week feeling tough, especially after the euphoria of the W5R3... You're absolutely not alone in feeling this is the hardest week.

Take your time, go really slow, run somewhere as flat as possible... That's my best advice. You will get there. It is weird that this week seems tough, nobody's really sure why, but from personal experience after completing this week yesterday with the 25 min run (I fluffed R2 and had to repeat that one) it feels fab to master it - and you WILL soon!

Good luck :)

Aah not just me then! That's a relief! Will go and search out the other posts.

I'm not sure why either, it's a funny one! Thanks for the tips though. Finding it hard to get out three times a week at the minute because if childcare, husband's unsociable shift pattern and the bloody weather! (Yes I'm one of the ones that refuses to run in the rain!). I will be glad when the weather starts getting warmer because I'd be more inclined to run in the rain if it's warm rain! The cold and rain is just so unpleasant.


I've found Week 6 hard. I felt like every week before this one wasn't exactly easy, but easier than I'd imagined they'd be. I think it's also because we know that this will be the last time we'll have interval running for the program! But we will get through it, like so many others before us have :-) We just gotta keep at it!

As for moving on, I suggest you move onto run 2 - you might surprise yourself!


Week 6 usually catches you out but don't worry you are not alone ...

Keeps you on your toes after the elation of compketing the 20 min run.

Don't dwell on it , it happens sometimes good days and bad days.

The next one will be much better :)

Thanks all! Onwards and upwards then ?! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜¬


Hi Kezz100.

I just completed W6R1 and I too have struggled a bit; for the first time I really felt it in my legs.

I think it is because at this stage most of us have bilt a quite decent level of cardiovascular fitness; we are not running out of breath anymore and we tend to run faster... but muscular strength might take longer to build.

Try to pay extra attention to your pace; slow down a bit and you'll be through week 6 in no time. ;)

Best regards,


Same here, W6 R1 was pants, first run not too bad , the second was an up hill struggle, leg muscles felt tired and had no go. I have R2 tonight and am going to change my route a bit and see if that helps.

Stick with it , we have got this far and it's a massive achievement.πŸ™‚


Ah, the curse of w6 strikes again. It's famous for being tough because it's the transition week between long runs and intervals. It messes with your head after the euphoria of completing w5r3, but it's there to build both mental and physical strength and endurance. Now you know what to expect, I think you'll find run 2 easier. Good luck :)


I'm with you on this. I'm in Week 6 and stalling slightly. I do think I'm scared of the transition to long runs and I am also trying out different routes. I need variety but end up having to think through how to cross different roads or manage even slight hills. I know we can do it though, its just best not to think too far ahead.


i have just completed week 6 and to be honest i found the longer runs a bit easier than the walking in between ,,maybe just me who likes to push herself

Yes I've found W6 tough I managed R2 tonight but the second 10 mins was hard. Stick with the plan only move on when youve completed a run and give yourself an extra rest day if you need it. Everyone is different you can and will do it....Good Luck

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