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Frustrating - Single Parent Syndrome!

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I did week 2 Run 1 on Sunday and was due to run again yesterday, but I had a rare night out with work colleagues. Thought I would run today, bit my son hurt his leg in PE so couldn't run and I am exhausted! I fell asleep when we got home from school run.

I am not lacking motivation, I am suffering from having to do everything alone. So frustrating to lose momentum. I suffer from insomnia at night and haven't slept well this week (joys of peri-menopause).

Think I might have to start week 2 again as I won't get chance to run again until Friday 😑😲

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I wouldn’t start again, just continue on from the last run. I’m a single mum but luckily my mum minds my son twice a week so I can run! I’m sure you’ll get back on track. Good luck πŸ‘πŸ½


So sorry you’ve had a bad day, you sound exhausted. Hopefully when you feel less tired you can pick up where you left off rather than do the week again. Take care of yourself x

Thats a pain - but I think Tasha99 is right - just do as much as you can...and be kind to yourself....if your weeks have 10 days in them, thats fine!!

I had to travel this week and my only chance of doing week 2 is in gym...not keen I have to say now that I have rediscovered the joys of the tracks!


Don't be too hard on yourself , just pick up where you left off....we can do this !!!


Thanks guys xx

Don't beat yourself up Mel. I found week2 run 2 tough and thought about redoing it, I was advised not to and managed run 3 ok. So keep going and go for it you can do it.


Oh you poor thing! What a tough day. Don’t worry too much about the length of the gap between runs. I have often done a run on Monday and then not been able to get another in until the Saturday and amazingly I have managed every single run! Be kind to yourself - the best journeys take time. Good luck with everything πŸ‘πŸ‘


Sorry to hear that, Mel. My wife can't seem to get much good sleep either.

Just trying to problem solve: is your son able to cycle? Could he ride alongside you?

Best wishes.


Don't be so hard on yourself, as long as you keep progressing don't see how it matters.

One run at a time.

Poor you! Never force yourself to do anything when tired, the body don't like it! It will be a better day today.

Don't be hard on someone else has said there are no C25K police keeping tabs on us 😊 do what you can, when you can. You will still be in front of those that don't even try.

Hope you feel better soon x

Keep it up Mel!! Better to take longer to do the programme than not to do it at all! :)


I can't offer any advice, but I do want to say that my admiration for single parents who steadfastly put their children first is huge. I don't know how y'all do it - I don't think I would last more than a few months without disintegrating into totally being overwhelmed.

I sincerely hope a break comes your way soon Mel. And your lad appreciates what you do every day for him.

So sorry to hear this. Hardest work of all being a parent! It's physical, emotional and no one ever says "well done, you did a fantastic bit of parenting today!". You clearly needed to sleep. Be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is another day.

I share your sleep problems - I never sleep through the night and haven't done since kids were born (oldest 22!), and of course the M word has made it worse. Sincere sympathy! I am trying all sorts of things together to help, like sleeping tablets with L-tryptophan, baths with Epsom salts (magnesium), no caffeine after 1pm etc... if anything seems to help, I will let you know!


Hey Mel, I'm also a single parent so I forced my son to join me :)

Joking, he likes doing it and we have a lot of fun. Could you ask him to join?


Thanks for all the support everyone xx

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