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Wk 2, Run 2: Lolloping in the Rain

Alas, my luck has run out when it comes to the weather. Having started in November in the north of England it's pretty damn impressive I've managed four runs and got home safe and dry, but last night the rain finally got me.

For the first time, I felt like people were actually giving me the odd look as I ran/walked by. Having initially been very self conscious about running on the main roads, I would have previously been worried it was simply me running they were throwing odd looks at. But after last night I came to the conclusion they were questioning the potential sanity of a person out running in the torrential rain. I looked extensively for some sort of light waterproof, but my search proved fruitless and so I ran in my usual joggers and zippy top, both which seemed determined to soak up as much water as possible in a sponge-like manner rather than expel it.

I didn't want to miss the run just because of the weather, as I fear missing one will have a knock on effect on the whole thing. But a bit (well, a lot) of rain didn't hurt anyone. My main problem was once again spectacles related. Heavy rain + glasses is not ideal. If someone could come up with some sort of tiny windscreen wipers for glasses that would be excellent. At least with my mind focused on the glasses, wet clothes and dodging huge puddles, I was barely able to think about how difficult the running itself was!

Any suggestions for cheap lightweight waterproofs suitable for running would be much appreciated! I fear rain soaked runs will unfortunately become the norm rather than the exception from now on.

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Well done for going:) I don't wear glasses but if I'm out in the rain I wear an old baseball style cap which keeps the rain off your face. I have a very light running water resistant jacket I bought online for about £15 I wear but tbh as soon as I get warmed up I take it off. I figure I'm going to get wet anyway!


I love running in the rain, although I agree , wearing glasses is a pain. I have started wearing a baseball cap with a peak . Blimey, what a difference ! It keeps the rain off your specs a treat !

I went out last night in the pouring rain, I ran through a puddle thinking it was only a shallow one , but it nearly came up to shins . Blimey, I caused a right tidal wave I can tell ya !

I got a waterproof , dayglo lightweight jacket from Sports Direct. I think it was about £17.99, it does the job for me

Good Luck, hope you get sorted ! :-) xxx


Poppy - you need to distinquish between running and swimming. The latter is not usually done in dayglo jackets except in emergencies. XXX

Well done EJ - a lot of people think they dissolve in rain. I love it - splashing in puddles is a delight. I actually find it easier to run without the specs if I can - it's not that they get wet so much as they get steamed up which is worse! Maybe I shall try a baseball cap too Hmmmm...


Ha Ha ! I was half running - half swimming Runon, killing two birds with one stone an' all that :-D

Steamy windows ? Yep, you need a baseball cap , they're fab as long as you wear the peak at the front :-) xxx


Strangely I do sometimes wear a baseball cap back to front - I find it helps. Now killing birds whilst runswimming is probably against the law. So EJ's idea for windscreen wipers isn't that far off the mark - I have a pair of motorcycle gloves that have a thin strip of rubber on the forefinger so you can use it like a windscreen wiper on a motorcycle visor in the rain - it is extremely effective - perhaps we could design running gloves like that for glasses - hmmmm... :) xxx

Well done EJ not being put off by rain - it will not be long before you are graduating and buying all sorts of running gear for every eventuality and even different kinds of rain :)


I've always worn a baseball cap to keep the rain off my specs, even before I started running, and I find it works a treat. I'm just one run ahead of you, lets keep it going! Cheers, Steve


Really great that the rain didn't put you off and you still went for it! Well done.

A friend of mine who is an experienced runner swears by a baseball hat for rain and sun. I asked the same question about rainproof jackets ages ago and someone here advised me not to bother as I was going to get wet anyway, so I've never bothered! I like running with the minimum of clothes ( if you know what I mean!).


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