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About to go for my first run in the rain

Well, I must have been lucky as my first 7 runs were all in dry weather. My luck has ended, I'm about to go for my first run in the rain. I think I'm on here hoping that by the time I get out there it will be fine. In my dreams!

Although on the plus side my MP3 player has arrived, I've managed to download the podcast, (with a lot of help from my friends), and so today Laura can come with me. I'm sure she won't mind running in the rain.

I suppose I shouldn't delay any longer. It's only 12.30pm but if I keep prevaricating it will be too dark.

Tara, see you later.

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Hi Golden i have run in the rain before now and its ok. Better in the summer as you dry

out pretty quickly. I am going to try my local Parkrun tomorrow in Cambridge

and its due to rain as well. I just need to take something to put ln after as i have

to drive there. Have fun and good luck.


Good luck tomorrow - let us know how you get on.


hiya GoldenOldy!!

hope your run out in the rain went ok?

i had to post because this lunchtime ive been out and brought a running rain hat! yep, braved sports direct queues and got a karrimor black one. With ear flaps!! Im well excited! with me wearing glasses, my woolly hat doesnt cut the mustard in rain.

doubtless i'll be wearing it a lot .....

let us know how you did :-) ali


Sounds like I need one of those hats. I wear a baseball cap to keep the rain off my glasses but if it's windy it doesn't stay on. When I start running fast it will think it's windier than it is and keep falling off. Oh dear, I'm dreaming again.



im thinking my hat ear flaps will help push me along faster ....... ;-)


Now I definitely need one of those hats - the ear flaps WILL push us faster. ;-)


Well I ran in the rain and I didn't get washed away. It really wasn't raining very hard!

So, week 3 run 2 completed successfully - so long as jogging very very sloooowly counts as success.

However, my Laura refused to come out with me. I tried to get her to talk to me before I went out but she just kept quiet. It was just me, my dog, my stopwatch and a peice if paper with the timings on again.

Back to the drawing board with the technology! Grrrrrr.

I did wear waterproof trousers and coat but the trousers were too much with my leggings. I need to see what else works better - perhaps just wet legs.

I'm sure I'll soon be used to running in the rain. :-(


sorry to hear you had trouble hearing Laura. Wonder why it is? Hope you get it sorted I cant imagine having to concentrate on a piece of paper whilst trying to ge through this program as well!!

sounds like you're dealing with this week pretty well, well done you!

Im afraid im one of those with a little waterproof jacket on but "normal" leggings. so far, although ive been soaking wet a few times, the leggings havent ended up round me ankles! (touch wood...). that wouldn't be a sight worth seeing!!

I see a lot of seasoned runners down my way in just little t-shirts running in the rain! some ladies wear the longer sleeved ones if the weather is really bad....

see how you get on without the waterproof bottoms next time?

best of luck for the first run of next week.



Laura wouldn't talk to me because I can't work my flipping MP3 player properly. I've become a real technophobe and although I managed to download the podcast and managed to play it in the house yesterday when I tried today I couldn't get it to work. It will be total user mismanagement. I've been on the whole programme with stopwatch and paper, I'm sure I'll go faster with Laura on my shoulder. Oh well, perhaps next time...........



Way to go! I'm blown away you are doing it with stopwatch and paper! That is some serious commitment. :)

Happy running in the rain!


Sorry to hear you couldn't hear Laura. When eventually you get her to come through loud and clear you'll have a pleasanr surprise. Its so different without a stopwatch. I wonder why its not working for you.

As for the rain, thanks for saying about the clothing. I've just written a blog about having to face the rain tomorrow morning. I think I'll take your advice and put on the minimum. I only have capri length trousers or long running trousers which flap a bit. I think I'll opt for the shorter ones and just get wet. I don't want to wear a waterproof as I get too hot so easily. What did you wear on top? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Well done, by the way, on getting along so well in the programme. Its great, isn't it?


I think your name might be wrong for me and technology - I fear it is too late. Oooh no - I mustn't give in with the techy stuff - I will get it working!

In the dry I've been wearing a tee shirt, a rugby top and a fleece with a pair of tracksuit type trousers. I live high up, the flatest area is right at the top so gets quite a cold wind there. So far I haven't been too hot wearing all that lot. I'm really not running fast enough to overheat yet. Today I wore just a tee shirt and a light waterproof jacket on top. That was just right for me. It was really the extra weight on the legs that was the problem so next time I will ditch the waterproof trousers and see how that goes. I think you're right to choose the shorter trousers

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.



In the end it didn't rain and it wasn't cold, so I opted for a t shirt and trousers and a fleece which I wore around my race after the first five minutes! It was a good run after all. I look forward to the pelting rain challenge one day.

As for the technology, its probably not you who has the problem - it could be quite simply the equipment. Good luck with it - its worth sorting out because Laura is such a comfort to have around!


Thanks Golden for your blog. It inspired me to go out in the rain today.

I'm well impressed with how you are doing the program without Laura - did you manage to get your MP3 sorted? I tend to find soliciting the help of more techy relatives/friends a great help.

Hope you've sorted your clothing choice out too.

Keep it up :-)


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