w5r2- first run in the rain!

What wonderful summer weather we're having over here in sunny, sunny England. Not!

I always knew it was coming but today was my first experience running in the rain, and when it rains boy does it pour.

By the time I had finished the 5 minute walk I was utterly soaked. My mum, who had decided to come out with me and walk around the rec while i did my thing, left when the rain was getting heavy. Also there were other people in the rec huddling under the hanging trees that allowed a least a little shelter from the downpour as well as dog walkers cracking out their umbrellas.

And then there was me, jogging( very slowly, i swear my walking pace is faster than my jogging pace) for the last 8 minutes, hardly able to see as my glasses were pretty much useless with all that rain, thin tank top completely gone see-through, slight stitch in my side during the last 3 minutes or so. And all I could think of was, wow c25k has really changed me, without this program and the support of the community I would definitely not have been prepared to run through all of this. I probably would have given up but I knew that I could do it as so many of you guys have said I could.

So thanks guys. And here's to my next week 5 run. May the 20 minutes not kill me :P


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11 Replies

  • Well done Afro - I've got to go and do the same run this afternoon having got soaked already on the golf course.

    I have the same attitude as you and will just go and get stuck in - that's why we're doing this isn't it ?

    Great post, great community.

    Now I've read that I have no excuses.

  • thanks richard :) and you're right no excuses for you now lol. I'm sure you'll blaze through the run no problem!

  • I'm not so sure about that !!

  • I was always skeptical but I love running in the rain. Once you soaked to your keks you can't get any wetter. And it keeps you cool.

  • you're right rmnsuk, the rain definitely kept me cooled down

  • Well done you :)

    The next run will not kill you- you can do it !

  • thanks!!!

  • I love watching all you guys transform like this (and feeling the same in myself). There comes a point where being the lunatic out in the weather makes one feel heroic, almost, isn't there? It's a feeling that's hard to beat. Let those sane folk on their comfy chairs (awaiting the Spanish Inquisition?) have their mild weather; for us, the real thing is the storms. (I'll have to wait for mine, because over here this time of the year is mild and dry. And then drier. And then someone says "The rains have come", and next week the grass has gone blue, and it's dry again. Right until the floods arrive. :-) Yes, I exaggerate a bit. I did have to find a discarded plastic lollipop bag for my phone one day, but sadly there were just a few drops of the promised rain.)

  • you're right gary, there is something quite heroic about running in the rain, almost cinematic too, like your the main star in a big hollywood blockbuster and it's reached it's climax or something :P

  • Once upon a time, long, long ago I walked through a storm it was necessary to lean into somewhere between Louth and Horncastle, spindrift stinging my remaining eye, and for some or other reason I started to think that my name was Heathcliffe.

    I really did, honest. Only I had two remaining eyes, and I stole that thing about the spindrift from a band called Half Biscuit, Half Man, from their world famous hit single, National Shite Day (this last bit is dinkum, and true).

  • Good for you a-g. Sounds like you're completely hooked now. Running in the rain is a sure sign. Well done m'dear. :)

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