3K. 6K. 10K. My Running Week!

3K. 6K. 10K. My Running Week!

Good Sunday to you all. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I've just had one of my homemade pasties - which was so delicious, I almost fainted.

This week has been good for running. On Tuesday at 6.30am I hauled my shapely ar$e out of the door to do my shortest run route - a 3K around the block. I find that this bite sized chunk of a distance is PErFECT for that first run of the week. It's not too far, and I can do it in 15 minutes which leaves plenty of time for me to get back and make myself look delicious for work.

Thursday was a shock to the system because it was ZERO DEGREES CENTIGRADE outside! My scooter saddle was covered in frost and I realised I would have to make sure that I poured some hot water over it before setting off for work later on. I didn't want frozen bot cheeks! I dressed accordingly - running tights, top, long sleeved top over that, gloves and beanie. I set off a 6.23am and planned to do a 5. Despite the freezing temperatures, I felt SO ALIVE and perky. There's something about running in the cold -it's you against the elements of the Universe and the only way to beat it is to keep going and work up a sweat! By the time I'd finished my run I looked at Endomondo on my phone and it told me I had in fact run 6K - not 5! Hooray! Hot shower, porridge, hot water on scooter saddle for maximum buttock comfort and I was off to Central London for another 10 hour stint.

Roll on to this morning SUNDAY. I decided to do a longer run today as I wanted to up my mileage for the week. I told Mrs Dan that I would do my favourite 7K route and if by the time I reached the end, I felt strong and fit, I would do the next 3K to bring it up to a 10. I wasn't feeling too alive I have to say when I set off. It'd been a long week, I'd drunk far too much on Friday night with Mrs Dan which rendered Saturday as a sort of non day and I still felt sleepy, despite a full 12 hours in bed! However all this was to change...

By K2 my body decided to wake up. I had a brief conversation with myself -

"So how we doing then? / "Feeling pretty good Dan Boy! Don't go too mad now" / "OK good" I replied to myself. "I'll imagine I'm that bloke I once saw in Santa Monica jogging along the beach in 2010. I'll keep it slow and steady" / "Let's do this baby" said my body......

I kept it slow and steady as planned. I could hear Endomondo announcing the time for each K and I used this information to try and vary my pace. By the time I got to 7K it was decision time - carry on or stop? I decided to carry on and imagined a studio audience all cheering and clapping as Ant and Dec announced "He's carrying on ladies and gentlemen! He's goin' for the 10K!".

This meant doing my 3K round-the-block route. Easy peasey. Amazingly I still felt fine. Breathing was perfect, legs felt light and so did my feet. I was convinced I could finish without too much trouble. K8 went by in just under 6 mins, K9 a few secs over but when I knew the final K was about to start I stepped on the gas. Where this pace and energy came from, only the good Lord knows, but I was tearing down the street like a hare being chased by a massive greyhound! Actually scrub that. I WAS THE GREYHOUND!! Rocket speed!

Finally finished in 58'45 which isn't my quickest, but for someone who felt sleepy and dull when setting off I was extremely pleased with this titanic performance!

That's me done for the week. Sending hugs to you all and have y'all a GREAT week.

Yer pal



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14 Replies

  • What a great week of runs, & finishing on a real high too! You 'be earned those pasties, well done;)

  • Thank you marlyparly!

  • I wrote the Ant and Dec bit in their accents too! Hahaha! Great minds.....

  • Oh Kitty, I love Ant and Dec too !

    Ive got Lets Get Ready to Rhumble on my running playlist ha ha :-) Theyre two lovely, lovely lads , no swearing , just all round family entertainment.

    Im really looking forward to the Jungle this year :-) xxx

  • Fab post Dan and a great week of runs, are you a scriptwriter ? :-) xxx

  • not professionally.....but I HAVE written two. Unfortunately they were both flung into the wastepaper basket by a gaggle of film producers........there's no business like etc etc etc..! :-)

  • I really think you should give it another go, youre a natural !

    I suppose it is a very tough business and it can swallow you up and spit you out. We all love your writing Dan :-) xxx

  • Cracking week/weekend running wise and just generally!

    Here's to more of those then for all of us.

    :-) xx

  • Thanks PA.. Hear Hear!!

  • Brilliant run Dan. I love the tortoise on a 6:29 K - maybe slow for you judging by the hare but a great time and distance. Hmmm pasties

  • 58:45 for 10k and its not your best? Blimey. I'd be proud of that! Can't break the hour yet myself, but I'm dtermined to get there. Sounds like a great week, great stuff!

  • oh SuperDan, you are so funny!

    "hot water on scooter saddle for maximum buttock comfort " nearly made me spit out my cup of tea all over the keyboard! :)

    well done on a fab running week, i too have a 3k route (to town and back), my c25k starter route which is a good one. my fastest is 19 mins tho, did manage 20 in the heavy wind and rain on thurs eve, thats true runner devotion(and need to run off cake consumption!)

    i agree with Poppy , you are a natural at the writing, keep it up! :)

  • thats a fab time, great run, well done Dan the greyhound ;)

  • Well done Dan. Thanks for the entertaining post, it really made me laugh. It sounds like you had a really good running week, ably supported in your valiant pursuits by mrs dan providing much-needed sustenance

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