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For those who have graduated but are not on a programme, how many times a week do you get out running? I sometimes struggle with three long working days with oncalls and juggling three young children's school and outside commitments. Finding my time to run can be limited to once a week sometimes like last week when I did a 7k run. My run days are set so if the weather is horrible (like today) I miss out or if life events take over. I have been aiming for twice a week and would like to slowly increase distance, so far 5k to 7k. How many run sessions do you all get in per week?


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  • I have been going out three times a week but don't have the same time pressures as you. Well done running 7K. Not quite there yet :-). Today I increased my running time from 30 mins to 33 mins and that got me to 6K.

  • That is a good time for 6k, well done! I am typically 31min for 5k and 43min for 7k. I do wonder if my 1 or 2 x weekly running is restricting my times and distance progress. We have a very local 10k on Sunday here and I would like to do it but haven't yet got to 10k. I think I need some more practice first but food for thought though!

  • Would it help if you fit in one or two short runs and a longer run? I think it is good to have a goal to work towards but make sure you get there without any injuries!

  • I think your doing well considering how busy you are, try and keep it there.

    If you can get 3 runs in all the better, try 2 shorter runs keeping to 5k and 1 7k, but if you want to do the 10k try to get to 8k. If you can get to 7k then you'll get to 10. You know the score, slow up if it feels really tough then pick up again as you recover, intervals. Training for 10k usually takes about 6weeks..I did about 3 weeks, but am quite a slow runner not too bothered about times..😊

  • Thank you davelinks for that encouragement. I am not so worried about time as 10 minute miles seems to be my plodding pace which continues as I add a little extra distance. Once I can get to 10k maybe I will try the speed podcasts but for now I am happy plodding along! I will never be a gazelle in my mid 40s and these youngsters are so speedy!

  • I don't worry about counting..just run as and when. If I've done a long run I take two rest days, if Im doing shorter runs fit more in. I have found that after three days without a run I get a bit fidgety so know I will always want to get out there..

    Just go with circumstances and run when you can..because you can my advice.😊

    P.s I am sort of on a program though cos Im mixing B210k in with my running.

  • Three or four when I'm being good and life allows. One or less when I can't.

  • I try and do 3. 1 x speed podcast or hills, 1 x 5k and one a bit longer. I sometimes throw in a longer club run (6-9 miles) or a 10k. Never going to run a marathon or half though !

  • Never say neverπŸ˜‰

  • Never. Definitely.

  • This is all really interesting that we do such different amounts. I always feel so guilty when I can't get out and a little excited when I can! It is frustrating when life stuff gets in the way, something I am going to have to accept i guess!

  • I'm lucky that I only work part time semi-retired and can be more flexible although do have family and other commitments. Regularly do 2 days doing mostly 6K on my days off and have started to occasionally run 4 and a bit K to work.

    I also cycle my 5 or 4 days (If I run) to work which helps with fitness.

    I think I mentioned (hope it wasn't you I may be repeating) if you could possibly run home from work depending on length of commute or part run it ?

    I used to say I couldn't run for a bus. If I had taken up C25K before semi-retiring in fact I could beat the bus home running in rush hour from my old job (If include walking to bus stop and waiting) . Luckily canal from City Centre more or less would be route home about 6 and half K.

  • I would consider running to work if it were further away. The hospital I work at is 0.5miles from home so I generally walk there and back. I have 12.5 hour shifts so I work too late to tag a run on on the way home. I have two days off so those are my run days whilst littlies are in school. Today was one of those but it has been chucking it down all day except on the walk to school and back, typical!

  • Can see now it's tough. My daughter in law is a ward sister on long shifts ! You are doing well to fit in any running.

    All the best !

  • Hmm... recently 1 to 2 per week but aiming for more. I am not running your distances either. Similar work pattern with 3 long days (dark before and after work) and 2 fixed days off - so weather dependent like you. Luckily my days off have mostly been dry but the weekends vary. Can't run to work as it's 20 miles.....

  • Wow joy57 your situation sounds like mine! It is tough trying to juggle in the run times which is why my fixed days off my only time during school hours. If I can sneak a parkrun on a Saturday morning I will! I am envious of the 3 times a week runners lol.

  • Yes me too! At least my kids are not school age any more - though the dark afternoons cut out a lot of potential running time for me in any case - not many street lights round here!

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