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5K AFTER A WEE COUGH (sorry, meant to say week off)


As we were setting off for Cornwall at noon, I arose from my bed with only one thing on my mind - my first run in a week. My knee had given me a bit of jip so I sensibly took some time out to allow the niggle to subside - which it did. However my plan of a 7 was replaced with a plan for a 5 because I didn't want to go too mad. The important thing about running for me is that QUALITY is better than QUANTITY, so I knew if I could get back home after a 5K and not have any probs, I'd be a happy Dan,.

I decided to do my usual smiling and nodding at fellow runners, but the results were a disaster. Only 2 people out of 14 actually acknowledged my existence! The other dozen miserable s0d$ didn't even bother - so b0ll0**s to them!

After 4K my legs got terribly heavy and tired but I pushed on. The knee was fine - not even a twinge, but my legs at that stage felt like lead weights. I thought to myself "Give it a bit of time Dan and they'll recover" which thankfully they did! Got to my "finish" line red faced and tired, but feeling fantastic!

This run wasn't timed at all. No technology accompanied me on my sojourn this time. I just wanted to go out and "do it" - which I did. I'm almost at the point now of not bothering with timing my runs. I've got a huge amount of data on Endomondo since I started almost 18 months ago that I rarely even bother looking at now. The main thing for me is that I go out, run and not sit on the couch! Of course, I may change my mind at some stage and try and get another super duper PB, but right now I'm in the place where I just want to run free, without any distractions of time, pace or anything really.

We got to Cornwall in 4 hours'ish and am planning a run tomorrow around the area we're staying. Mrs Dan warns me of the hills here......there are a lot of them!

So take care one and all and enjoy your weekend running!


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Whereabouts in Cornwall Dan? I was brought up in Penzance and there are a few Cornish folks on here happy to advise on routes if they are local to you.

Enjoy a pasty or 2 while you are down .... people will advise you of the best pasty shop but unless they say Philps they are probably wrong. ;-)

danzargoGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Ooooh I do like a pasty me. Bloomin' gorgeous inventions. I'm in Saltash, which is only JUST in Cornwall, but the weather is clement and the air is fresh and not being in London for a few days is a real BONUS!

RoseberyGraduate in reply to danzargo

Saltash is about 10 miles from where I work in Callington - Sorry don't know any routes there specifically as I live ten miles the other side of Callington, but there must be some lovely ones down by the Tamar.

danzargoGraduate in reply to Rosebery

Just running locally is gorgeous round here. Took a run around Botus Fleming this morning and loved it.

Ow I initially read that title as a tenalady moment... glad the knee niggle is gone, have a lovely time in Cornwall and enjoy the fresh air and new terrain – just think, the more running you do, the more cream teas you can eat (and who doesn't love a cream tea).

danzargoGraduate in reply to TurboTortoise

Haha! Actually I can't stand them! Weird innit? But swing a pasty under my schozzle....... :-)

Hi Dan the Man, miserable g*ts some of these running folk, I always smile, wave, say hello, at the others out there - with hardly an acknowledgement back sometimes, oh well, I'm not going to change. Enjoy the pasties and the break!

danzargoGraduate in reply to catchmeifucan

Cheers dude.


That sounds like a good run, and you are so right, it is always about quality....just getting out there is great. Have fun in Cornwall and say hello to my sister ( she lives in Truro) ...and not too many pasties... :)

danzargoGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Said hello to your sister and she immediately called the police. Had to scarper out of there fast.

Have yet to eat a pasty, but Father In Law says he's made some (normally they are gigantic) and will produce them tomorrow for lunch! Can't wait...! :-)

Well done Dan - nice sensible run sounds like you loved it !

danzargoGraduate in reply to GettingFitter



Hi Dan. There are some great routes around Forder, Anthony Passage (no sniggering there, boy) and the open access land at Churchtown Farm nature reserve, all of which are alongside the Lynher River, immediately south of Saltash. We were staying right near there, at Wearde Quay, back in the Spring and had some great scenic runs. If you want hill training, try the road up from Forder towards Trematon Castle. My son sprinted up there, while I slowed to an almost walk. If you can do that one three times, you are a better man than me.

Enjoy the South West, before the weather breaks. Happy hols.

danzargoGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks Mr DaTruffe. I will investigate those places you mentioned. Bloody love Cornwall though. It's gorgeous down here and is a fantastic contrast to ghastly London and a bloody packed Soho!

Have a great time SuperDan! no scaring cornish folk with bright lycra combos! don't worry its not just you that gets ignored by other runners(although some of them are lovely like us lot!) , i find that pedestrians and dog walkers are often more friendly! But then again alot of them don't want to share the pavement! :)

danzargoGraduate in reply to aliboo70

I think it's the London vibe. You could be having a heart attack by the side of the road and folks would step over you. Still, it doesn't stop ME being friendly!!

Love love love Cornwall, Gwithian is my fave place. A bit far from saltash though :)

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