Couch to 5K


Hello fellow Runners,

The smell of chocolate roulade is permeating through the house as Mrs Dan makes tomorrow nights dinner part pudding. I have to say I'm drooling as I write (not for the first time....)

So after my 24 hour niggley cold / sore throat / feeling sH** thing, I ventured out twice this week. One was a 5K and the other a 7K. Both were non eventful, but suffice to say I completed them successfully.

(Corrrr....that smell of chocolate melting is driving me NUTS!)

The 7K run was actually quite difficult as my mood was definitely NOT in top form. It took monumental effort to haul my aaasssss out the door, but I was glad I did. During the run along the river I thought I was going heavy and slow, but on examining my stats later I managed each of the 7K's in under 6 mins. Funny how when you think you're a lumbering hippo you can often turn out to be a nippy goat (???....Dunno where that came from.) The most annoying thing was how HEAVY my legs felt at the end. I keep thinking that with all the running that I do, I should have legs that are well versed in distance running, but I have to say 90% of my outings end up with it being a struggle. Occasionally I have a run where I'm smooth, energetic and gazelle like, but annoyingly these are rare! DAMMIT!

The moral of the story is I suppose, that we DO IT. Mrs Dan always says to me when I return from a run moaning - "At least you did it!". She's wise that girl.

ANyway I'm still wondering whether to do a parkrun tomorrow. Might do a solo run instead and try and get my head in a more positive place.

For those doing parkruns, 10K's and HM's this weekend I wish you GOOD LUCK!!

Gotta go. The chocolate fumes are pulling me downstairs to the kitchen......


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The aroma in my house right now is bread. I always bake when I'm worried about something. But then, I always bake when I'm not! I just love to bake (hence the problem waistline!).

My run yesterday felt dead slow, but then I turned in my fastest performance yet. It's those brain gremlins again, cheeky little mothers!


Corrrr...freshly baked bread. You minx!


Well done for doing it anyway - great times too!


Thanks CG.


Ha ha @ your tag thingies!!! ;) ;) #nocomment

Love your reports, Dan! :)


Ha ha tee hee, snort, snigger , LOVE IT !!! :-) xxx


That's extremely kind Mossy5. Ta luv!


Ah, your reports are never boring Dan. They have the power to influence people. I know that because I'm now craving chocolate ;)


Love the tags! Well done on the runs!!! Hope the chocci pudding is nice!! You've earned two bits at least I reckon!!!!


I always feel like a lumbering hippo too! But I guess I don't look quite so bad now as I used to get heckled by the older generation "come on girl, you can do it"... They ignore me now?


Oooh. I saw Chocolate roulade and had to log in (how fickle am I?). Sorry to read that you have been off colour but am sure Mrs Dans cooking will do you the power of good. Well done on your times and all the best for your next run.


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