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7K today in best time

Hello folks

I went out today and zonked along the river for 7 kilometres in a stunning 38'16. Each K was well under 6 minutes and I felt incredible pleased to have done that. The sun shone, the Thames sparkled and the temperature was perfect for running ie. not too hot. Some dude was cutting the grass at Marble Hill House which filled the air with delicious fragrances.

Did anyone see Mo Farah get his gold the other day? The commentators kept saying "This is soooo slow.....Mo isn't at his best.....he's got a lot to do...."


His last lap was 52 seconds!! It was incredible to watch and he won it in a REEEEALLY SLOWWWWW time of 14 minutes something!! Imagine that? My best time is still sub 26 mins and I'm almost double his age so essentially.....I'm a world champion gold medal winning genius!! (If only!)

Just a short one today as Mrs Dan is ringing the dinner gong. I shall bid ye all a pleasant evening and wish you all a great run tomorrow (if you;re going out that it....!)

Tutty bye


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Sounds like a great run Dan! I wonder if Mo is getting worried....


I think he's safe....! :-)


Wow that is incredible - even though now i feel like a slow turtle (just done 8km in 54minutes). Oh well i have said i am like a plodding elephant - if you have any handy tips about speed please share.

Mo better watch out!


I don't really have any handy tips sadly. I did lose 20lbs this year and I bet that has helped. I can't imagine carrying 10 bags of sugar on my runs now and yet that is what I was doing (figuratively speaking of course). Keeping at it naturally increases your speed anyway so your 54 min time will come down on its own, the longer you keep running.


Ah - super Dan and his Thames sprint runs! What a crackin' pace you've got on there... well done sir! I'd be happy with 42 minutes over that distance you speed freak... :)

A cheeky 6K or 7K recovery run for me tomorrow... happy rest day to you good sir! :)


Oddly, although it was fast for me, it didn't seem too much of an effort. For many months I was at 6 mins per K in "comfortable" mode, now it's a good 30 secs less than that (and sometimes 45) so I put it down to a constant running regime, which this year has been easy because I've been unemployed for most of the time! That said, once a long contract comes in I'll just get up early and run - which is what I did through last year.


Good Run Dan

The distance is going up together with the pace - Mo must be getting worried.

The run at the europeans that was the most inspirational had to be Jo Pavey.

The most demoralising was the 50k WALK - the winner finished in 3hrs 32 minutes for goodness sake; going through the marathon distance in less than 3 hours.

That is averaging 4.17 mins per k. The secret must be in the hip wiggle.


I didn't know that.......bloody hell.....amazing!


I was running along the river too but going East to a west finishing at Tower Bridge. One day when we get our distances up we may bump into each other...


That would be fun!


The times these athletes record are astonishing aren't they! Never mind we're still out there doing it. It amazes me that as I watch them doing the 5,000 m and the 10,000 m and I think to myself "I can do that" I've not been running a year yet but when you think back how far we've come since we got off the couch, it's miraculous

And at our age! LOL


Of course you're right MW. It is great to think that we can all pat ourselves on the back fro getting off the couch and leaving the jumbo bag of crisps and party sized box of chocolates behind!


Wowee what a good pace! Sounds like a very satisfying run. :)


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