Today I ran with the "big boys and girls"

I run with my fantastic running club twice a week - Tuesdays and Saturdays - and have been running with the beginners' group where we run 4-5k, but as I have already covered 8k (with walking breaks) and my trainer has encouraged me to consider moving up to the group that runs 6-7k, I decided to give it at try today...

I couldn't keep up with them. I kept up for 3k and then had to give in and take a shorter route home.

It wasn't the distance - I can definitely run 6-7k now - it was the speed. They run at a pace around 6.30 and I can't keep that up for very long.

I'm feeling a bit deflated about it... but at the same time I am glad I gave it a go. Now I know that I am not ready for the next level yet and can stay with the beginners - a group of people that I really enjoy spending time with! That's actually really nice.

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  • Don't feel deflated you have done very well and if you stay in your old group for a bit longer maybe some of that group can move up to the 'big group' together with you next time! :) :)

  • We were two today who tried it out. We both gave in at the same point. I'm sure when we move up, we will do it together.

  • Yes I like what super mouse said, you'll be taking some of them up with you if you can stay a bit longer.

  • Hope so (my old group is so much more fun :-) )

  • Well,done for giving it a go. Hopefully a few of you can Move up together in a few weeks

  • Weeks or months, it doesn't really matter. I enjoy being with the beginners.

  • Well done Iben! You gave it a go & you stuck with it for about 50% of the time. Thats a great job at that pace. No way I could've kept that pace for even a km!

    Great run in my books ๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ

  • You're right Noaky. That was definitely my fastest 3k ever! I ought to celebrate a personal best!

  • Perhaps your current group can move up together to form an intermediate group that would do longer distance but not so fast?

  • Actually I have suggested just that, and my trainer was very supportive. She says we could do what we do now together (4-5k, running intervals, strength training), and then do 2-3 slow km afterwards. That would be PERFECT for me!

  • Well done for giving it a go. It's tough to move on from where you feel confident. As the others say it would be nice for a few of you to move up together so that you can work as a group to reach the next stage. You need to be happy to keep on running :-)

  • Yes, I hope to move up in at month or two and maybe do it with some of the others.

  • That is a fast pace Iben . Well done for keeping up for 3k ! That's really good !

    It will be good to move up with some others when you're ready xxx

  • It really is, isn't it! I didn't realise how fast it was until Noaky12 mentioned it. I did really well, no need to feel deflated; lots of reason to feel proud and happy. [This forum does that to me every time I feel down about anything running-related]

  • See? It all worked out - you may not be a 'fast' runner but you sure will be back running with the 'nice' Runners now :) Nice is always good :)

  • Exactly, just had to work up the courage to give it at try, and you helped me to do that. And so lovely to know that I am right where I belong.

  • If you hadn't tried, you wouldn't have known whether you would enjoy it or not (and you wouldn't have found how fast you can do 3k) win win :) Now you can just enjoy your running. Hope the intermediate group idea comes to fruition, that would be ideal wouldnt it!

  • I think it is a great lesson that I can take with me to other situation "Just give it a try. If it doesn't feel right, you don't have to keep doing it." Really! My sister always says "what is the worst thing that can happen?" and that is a very, very important question to ask oneself! It is rarely dangerous to give things a try!

  • Well done for giving it a go, Iben! Like you say it's nice you can stay with your friendly lot. Sure you'll be running a 6.30 in no time. :)

  • Thanks Melly :-) I'm not sure about the "no time", but the rest is spot on :-)

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