Graduation :-D

YES YES YES !!! Only gone and done it week Run3 completed this morning , what a feeling as laura said 1 min to go, just ran as fats as i could for that last minute , so emotional :D :D 9 months to day i stopped smoking and completed C25K :D

A huge big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts after each run and posted comments and gave support and encouragement through out, Word up to Andy_D also my kinda running C25K buddy :D

What next? a couple weeks of consolidating the 30 min runs and maybe do the 5k and get a time to work with :D definitely a Parkrun , i am more than happy with what i have achieved so far :D :D

Now wheres the dancing girls, cats and chicken :D :D


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72 Replies

  • Yaaaaay!!! Well done!!!! That's fantastic! Another shiny badge needed!!!! Don't forget to ask!!!!

  • aaw thanks Toon :D have already asked :D it feels so good :D

  • And there it is!!! Looks good!!!

  • Woooo Hooooo !! :-) Let me be the first to congratulate you Rob!!! Well done on your graduation, that badge is going to look lovely. So pleased that you have been able to change your life around from the couch and fags to the non-smoking runner you are today.

    I'll wait til it gets dark and then set those fireworks off!!! sure the dancing girls and banners will also be out later.

    Well done again and all the best with your next runs. :-)

  • Thanks so much Andy :D it does seem strange to look back 9 months and see the differnet person I am today :D Will look out for the fireworks later :D

    Same to you Andy :D guess we can call ourselves runners now :)

  • Yes... we are certainly different now! Not only healthwise, but perhaps in mental attitude to completing something quite tough at times!! Yep we be runners!!!! :-) :-)

  • You are so right Andy :D :D

  • Fantastic Rob! Congratulations on all you've achieved and wear your shiny grad badge with pride! Have a great weekend :D

  • Thank you so much Tiki :D it is still sinking in :D but taht badge has pride of place :D have a great weekend too :D

  • Fantastic well done not so slow_rob. Time to get that badge ;-)

  • Thanks getting :D hopefully the badge is on it's way :)

  • Many congratulations, enjoy today while you walk around on cloud nine. Sounds like you have a very sensible plan! Maybe a little is in order has you have worked really hard to achieve this

  • Thanks Vixchile :D after the initial shock of doing Week 1, I said to myself I can do this !! and i have :D Each day running is another day away from smoking :D

  • Dancing girl here! Doing jigs around the kitchen! Rob's done it..... Rob's done it....... Rob's done it. Many congratulations. Get the badge.

  • haha thank you irish :D :D

  • Oh Rob that's amazing - well done - fantastic! My cat is currently snoozing on my bed, but I am sure she will get up and dance later ... much later! Don't go mad after graduation - consolidation is definitely good - I have seen a few of my contemporaries get injured by getting over excited (easily done - the feeling when you graduate is awesome and you feel you want to conquer the world!).

  • Thanks so much useit :D aaw bless the cat :) It is a great feeling :D the 30mins/5K was always my ultimate goal :) so sticking with that i am nearly 57( in 9 days) after all :)

  • I've got the big 5-0 next year. Maybe I'll set a new goal to achieve by then. Not sure what yet ...

  • I am sure whatever it is you will achieve it :-D

  • Congratulations! Way to go with the graduation and the quitting smoking :) You must feel like a new guy.

  • Thanks Lavender :D feel and look a new guy :D

  • Well done Rob :) I'm close on your tail :)

  • Thanks Zev :D it is a great place to be :) we will wait for you :)

  • Hung out the bunting, nicely cleaned and polished and the podium is ready to receive winners! Congratulations Rob. Really great when C25K-ers get past the post. You is a winna :)

  • Thanks so much Slookie :) the bunting and podium look fantastic :D

  • woohoo just noticed i have my badge now :D :D feeling very very proud :D

  • Well done Rob, you will be feeling great :-)

  • Thanks cara :D it is a really good feeling :D

  • Congratulations From one slow Rob to another!!!!

  • Thanks Rob :) good luck with your runs :D

  • Congratulations Rob, really pleased for you ! Best of luck with your running in the future ! x

  • sorry if i didnt reply Girly, thought i had :( thanks :D

  • sorry if i didnt reply Girly, thought i had :( thanks :D

  • Well done Rob!!!! Your GRADUATE badge looks so shiny it's fair dazzling me!

    So, you did it. How does that feel then? On a scale of 1 to 10? 11! Ha ha

    It's a great feeling to have turned your life round through running isn't it, having given up the gaspers. I gave them up too and the booze and lard! You won't regret it for a moment Rob. You're a new man!

    Proper chuffed for you, you've done a brilliant job. Now your running adventure can continue apace (pardon the pun) I'd recommend Parkrun, having just done my first one this morning.

    Are you celebrating with a glass of fizz this evening perchance?

  • Thank you so much Miss W :D i luuuuve my badge :)

    It has to be a 12 :D It has been a hard journey regarding the fags ,had some really weird shit going on form not smoking ,god knows what they out in them ... I rarely drink now and i am more careful about what i put into my body foodwise .

    Definitely going to do a Parkrun , have 3 to chose from around me :)

    the journey will continue :D :D

  • Fabulous... Well done you :)

  • Thank you JuciyJu :D

  • ROB ! Well Done..! Fantastic. Followed your progress from day 1 and so pleased for you that you have managed to complete. Happy running and stay fit.

  • thank you henpen :D everyone has been so very kind and supportive :D

  • Great stuff Rob! It's a bit like being high on something isn't it, this euphoria we get from Graduating. The great thing is, as I'm sure your fellow graduates will confirm, is that this feeling can continue, and hopefully you'll keep feeling it as you go further on your running adventure (I hate to say "journey") By giving yourself targets you can keep up the momentum

  • Excellent news. Always great to have a new graduate in the ranks, but it's especially good when that person has made a big lifestyle change like, oh I don't know, stopping smoking ;) Very very well done Rob. You should be very proud of your achievements :)

  • Thanks ancientmum :D i am very proud and a little emotional with it and looking forward to running more and getting better still :D

  • My immediate targets are to do 5K and then reduce the time to 30mins or less and keep running :D I cant wait to see one of the Doc's at the surgery , he was always bugging me about smoking and my wieght ,bearing in mind I am 6ft 6 and could carry quite a bit ,he said according to my BMI i was over wieght. well look at me now Doc :D :D haha sticking 2 fingers up to him now :D

    it is ok i have used the J word lol onwards always now :D

  • Congratulations, it is really emotional the C25k journey isn't it? I was welling up on my final run too:) I would say building up to pushing on to the 5k is a good goal, as you say then you know where you are & have a 'benchmark'. I've been doing 2 x 30 mins during the week & then trying to increase time/distance by 10% a time on the third run since graduation. But I have decided I am more about distance than speed so another regime may suit you better. Anyway, for now just enjoy the well-deserved celebrations! Xxx

  • Thanks Marly :) sounds like a good way to go Marly :) I dont think I am far off the 5K if i go by Runkeeper on W9R1. Will see how i feel next week :D Think a Parkrun is on before Xmas though :D

  • Yes I graduated just over a month ago & still haven't done a Parkrun, going to try one in November I think. Look forward to hearing how you get on with your next steps whatever you decide

  • Will look out for your post on your 1st then Marly :) A friend at work said he would come with me on my 1st (hold my hand as it were lol) Wont do it until i know i can run 5k though , I know you can walk/run but i wont to be able to run it all at my pace :D dam theres another goal to aim at :)

  • Congratulations and celebrations...I want the world to know how happy I can be (apologies to Cliff Richard). Well done Rob - you did it!! Nice shiny badge there and I am glad you got yourself a pin badge too :0)

  • Thank you runningknitter :) my mum was a Cliff fan too :) I am dead chuffed :) The pin badge will be worn with pride :)

  • well done

  • Thanks Fuzzyrex

  • Woo hoo Congratulations Rob !!!

    You've only gone and flippin' well done it haven't you ??

    Well done to you , I hope you feel amaaaazing !

    Its been a joy following your progress on here, you are such a nice guy and you deserve good things :-)

    I have booked the dancing girls and the banners are up ! Enjoy your day, and your badge looks F-A-B

    You are a superstar and don't you forget it ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you so much poppy :D i have havent I :)

    Relaxing in the glow of my shiny new badge :D You are to kind poppy :) thank you

    it has been a really good day :D everyone has been so kind and taken the time to post :D

    for today yup I am a superstar :) you are really to kind poppy :) xxx

  • Whoop whoop! Well done! Enjoy your running :-D Go for parkrun, they are great fun x

  • Thanks no-excuse :) i hope to do one end of this month or begin dec :) x

  • Well what a great achievement - well done not so Slow-Rob, happy running and see you at the fireworks show - Rob the runner will be lit up in the sky.... so exciting to get your shiny Gradate label next to your name isnt it :D

  • Thanks Judef :D It is great to see it now :D love it

  • Thanks Kitty :D am looking forward to what i can achieve :D

  • Congratulations on finishing and good luck with whatever comes next

  • Thanks Jo :D

  • Brilliant job not so Slow_Rob! I am very very happy for you. It takes a lot of will power to turn your life around and knowing that you can, AND HAVE, achieved that must feel great. :)

    I have been following your progress with pleasure. I do hope you continue from strength to strength and keep posting your progress. The milestones are there in front of you.... 5k in 30mins, 7, 8, 9 & 10k distances and then on to something greater :) . The biggest, and continual, pleasure I have found (after graduating at the end of June) was being able to look back on ones improvement over time...

  • Thanks so much kingfisher :D it has sunk more today :D

    I am amazed at myself ,from saying No i cant run to running for 30mins ( slowly) ,I did that :D

    5k in 30 is first then who knows :)

  • Congrats rob, you have worked so hard at this well done

  • Thanks Determined :)

  • That's amazing what an achievement. Well done :)

  • Thanks weeble :)

  • Dancing Girls are painting their nails, the cats and the chicken are inexorably intertwined, but you are definitely FAN BLOODY TASTIC (bit of Halloween poetic licence there folks) - keep going is the thing. I have a record from 2010/2011 where I was running/walking 4 times a week until our local 10K in June - guess what - no entries after June. This year is the only year I have ran into Autumn - all thanks to Couch to 5K and a little bit down to me - getting back a bit of self belief

  • Thanks the ziggy :) I shall keeping running outside for as longs as I can over the autumn/winter :)

  • Well done Slow_Rob.many congratulations! I seem to be stuck at week 7 but am going for week 8 today. !

  • thanks Elly :) hope your run went well :)

  • BIG Congratulations!!!!! Such an amazing achievement! You have been a big inspiration to me, I can't imagine what you are going through, it must feel out of words. The journey as a runner begins, doesn't it? I hope a mouse is invited too, even though she isn't a graduate just yet :D (Pikachu)!

    Happy for you! Well done :)

  • aaw thank you so much Pikaree :) it is hard to take in but i am getting there now :) it is true we can surprise ourselves and anything is possible .

    I think life as a runner does really begin at week 1 ,it is taking those 1st steps :D

    a mouse is more than welcome :D you will get there too, believe in and trust the program it really does work :D :D

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