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1st Post Grad Run... 5K??? advice please :-)

OK folks... I need your blessing / wisdom / judgement on my first run since graduating last Tues. :-)

Well... I decided to run some intervals.. 10min running and then 1min walking which I did until I hit 5K. I actually used the Bluefin B210K week 1 podcast which I enjoyed.

So... does it still count as a 5K if I have a few short walkies???? I'm really happy with my run and although I wasn't fast (49:38 for the 5K) at least I now have a PB to chip away at. :-)

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The beauty of being a runner is that you make your own rules. If you say it counts, then it counts. It might not count for absolutely everyone but, unless you're running against them in a group, then why would you care? Stick to your own rules, then you'll be able to measure your own progress :) Happy running



Well done on the graduation. You are a successful runner. Keep it up


Fab post EM, very wise words, well said xxx


you going great guns Andy :D if you are happy then that is all that matters :D


Yes, absolutely it counts. It's YOUR run, did you enjoy it? Were you happy after? I think so to both of those - you go for it however you want to!


Yep... i'm going to take it as my first ever 5k... :-) I know that there are no fixed rules... Think it was just me being a bit silly about measuring my run. Yes, I did enjoy it apart from the steepish incline that I kept hitting on my run around a park multiple times.

Also got a lovely shiny C25K pin badge in the post today... so I can wear that knowing that I've completed the program and completed a 5k.


Hey - 5k is 5k - celebrate it! I did it once, having graduated about a month ago, just to see how long it would take, but I'm just back to doing my 30 mins as often as I get the chance. When that becomes easy and/or boring I will think about the next challenge.


There are many systems that recommend mostly run w regular walk intervals for all kinds of races including marathons. Some have scientifically shown improved times compared w no intervals. So yes, if you finished it, you did it! See Jeff Galloway system for validation if you need it. Congratulations!


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