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1st post grad run

i wanted to benchmark a 5k run tonight but just couldnt do it. Only managed 30 mins which equates to 3.25k. Really slow I know but I am working on improving that. It was still 29 degrees at 9:30pm when I finished. It was also getting dark (I run in a field and tracks) and hadn't eaten or drunks enough so not really surprising that I couldn't continue beyond 30 mins. Will try again on Saturday morning before it gets to hot and when I have more time. Still glowing like a beetroot and feeling a little sick.

Oh, did you notice my brand new shiny green graduate badge? Very proud of that!

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Lovely badge !

Don't worry about your speed - the heat makes it really difficult so running for 30 minutes will have helped build stamina and endurance. It's all progress :-)


love the green shiny badge - you deserve it! and your blog encouraged me because it's about the same distance as I'm running - we will get to the magic 5k!


Well done on graduating. You've also encouraged me as I'm on week 7 and ran 3.47k in 25 mins this morning. I'm sure we'll get there one day!


Congratulations on graduating! I did too last Saturday and I'm not near 5k yet. That'll have to wait because I pulled a calf muscle on Monday! Just a word of warning from one who rues the day - don't run when it's too hot and drink loads and loads of water. I think my injury must be hydration related as I was stretching after runs really well. Whatever you do, enjoy your running!!


When you finally break your duck and get to that 5k, you'll be surprised how much confidence it will give you. I've managed to shave 3 and 1/2 minutes off my 5k time in just over a week, (40:19 to 36:53) but still have a way to reach my goal of getting under the 35 minute mark.

However long it takes you to get that first milestone, that'll be your inspiration to better your running after earning that lovely shiny green badge that you worked damned hard for!

I know it's not possible for everyone, but I run early (6am) when its cooler. Don't think I could manage in 29 degree heat, so you deserve a round of applause for going as far as you did!

Saturday is the day!! :-)


I too have just got my badge... congradulations.

My 1st run after graduation was on Tuesday. Soooo hot, completed only 15 minutes. So well done to you, for completing 30 minutes! For me the worst was to come, after my run I drive home with the windows down to cool off, but due to a really bad accident the motorway was closed so I ended up stuck in a traffic jam for 40 minutes in full sun, face like a tomato, sweating ohhh and NO DRINK! that will teach me, actually though I was going to die....


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