Done it! I've actually started!

So. The clocks have gone back an hour. The weather was good (for late October). Social calendar clear. I couldn't think of any good reason to put off Week 1 Run 1 any longer.

Made it, but not without incident. 1. Linda refused to talk to me after the introduction to the run - something wrong with the download - or perhaps it was something I said. Used the stopwatch on my phone instead. Bit clumsy but OK. 2. Someone put two small hills in the way of runs 5 and 6 on the way back - don't remember running down them on the way out?? 3. Hurt knee on run 9 (downhill) :-( but it was OK to run (slowly) on the final lap :-)

Many thanks to juicyju, Cara2007, poppypug, AndyD, OhDark30, KittyKat007, Adimsk, tal31 and SeasideGirl for all your words of encouragement.


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14 Replies

  • Well done John !

    Youre up and running, no going back now , you cant we wont let ya :-) Nice to have the first one tucked under your belt isn't it ?

    Don't forget your stretches, maybe a bit of ice on your knee just as a precaution and a nice rest day for you tomorrow .

    There you are, jobsa good 'un ! :-) xxx

  • Well done you - you're off the couch !

    (Oh I think Linda stopped talking to you cos that's not her name ;) ) he he

  • Aghhh! So sorry Laura. No wonder you stopped.

  • Ha ha - woman scorned and all that ;)

  • Ha ha, yeah I wondered who Linda was too , there you go then John :-D xxx

  • Yay John!!! Your journey has begun! It won't always be easy, those gremlins will try to get to you, but you can do it :D

    Looking forward to your future posts :D

  • Congratulations John You've taken the first step which is the hardest so only onwards and upwards now

  • Well done John. The first step is the hardest one. You are going to love it. Like everyone else, its not going to be long before you say.... I would never have believed I could enjoy running. :)

    Keep us up with your progress on here, and listen to LAURA. Enjoy :)

  • Congratulations for getting out the door, that is the hardest part. Keep going now, we will all be wanting to hear about your c25k adventures. I know Laura will talk to you on the next run - have you got the podcasts or app, as the app has lots of issues or so i heard from people on here. Try the podcasts they seem to work without any annoying problems.

  • Thanks for your support Vixchile :-) You were right - I was trying to use the Laura on the phone app. I'm downloading the podcasts now to make sure she'll talk to me next time.

  • forgot to say good luck.

  • Well done for leaving the couch behind - the first step is often the hardest. Be nice to Laura ( including getting her name right!) and she will see you through. Just stick with what she tells you, take it slow and steady, honour your rest days and stretch out after your runs.

    You will soon be addicted like the rest of us. Good luck.

  • Well done for getting started, it won't be long before laura is telling you you are a runner. Good luck, you can do it.

  • well done John :D off to a solid if not uneventful start :D stick with it it is so worth it :D

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