Couch to 5K

That's it.....I've started!

Hello to all. As a jovial but somewhat portly 52 year old bloke (who last ran anywhere 26 years ago and wasn't very good then) I've known for ages that I needed to do something other than the occasional game of racquetball to get in better shape. After a bit of internet research I landed on the cto5k website and there seemed so many people like me who have been successful I decided to give it a go.

Did first run/walk/run thing of week 1 this morning. It wasn't easy but wasn't that hard either so a good start. I even avoided buying a pork pie in the supermarket later on!

I know many of you will have been where I am now but it's all new to me so lets see how we go......

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WELL DONE for getting out. You've done the hardest bit and made it out of the door! The best advice I had at the start was to keep it slow and steady at the beginning. Keep coming back to this blog page for inspiration and advice and before you know it you'll get your shiny green badge too! Good luck, and welcome to this wonderful community!


You get a shiny green badge! I love shinys! :-)


Yep you've definitely conquered the hardest part so well done! It really does get easier and you'll be amazed at how you just progress week in week out. Keep it slow and steady and that should see you right! Good luck in your journey


Well done! This is an amazing journey and I found week one hard and didn't see how I could ever run for 30 mins but follow the program to the letter and by magic you will be able to! It's amazing! I graduated last week and I am always looking forward to my next run. Good luck I hope you love it as much as I have.


Well done. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey.

I too am larger than many and on the wrong side of fifty.

This programme is great and it's an amazing feeling every time you conquer a new C25K run.

Now a graduate, I still get a real buzz out of being able to run ... at all... anywhere!!


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