Get the party started...I've done it!!!!

Woohoo!!! Who'd have believed it - I certainly don't. In 9 weeks I've gone from being a lifelong exercise avoider to being able to run for 30mins.

Today was my last run and (wait for it!) I did 5km in 37m:45 - ok I won't be winning any races but I don't care! I hadn't really set off with running for longer than the 30mins in mind but I felt so good I just kept going - and as I plodded on and on I could feel the good wishes of everyone on this forum willing me on :)

I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody here - for commenting on my blogs, encouraging me to keep going and for inspiring me with your stories. For anyone just starting out - keep the faith this programme WORKS!!

Looking forward, I plan to keep running 3 times a week and to get the 5K time down - not too sure that I'll ever run it in 30mins but my main aim to to enjoy running - no pressure!! I've still got a couple of stone in weight to shift (already lost 3st 2lbs since April) but I feel invincible at the moment so I'm sure I'll get there.

Thanks again to everyone here - I'll keep you posted on my post grad progress.

Off to ask for my lovely shiny graduate badge now :) :)


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  • Hi fat

    well done thats excellent news. I don't know if you have yet but it is worth entering an organised race. Not to race but just to run with hundreds of other runners of all abilities. Its great fun and the support from spectators and other runners is superb! I am on W3R2 on Sunday but will enter a local 5 mile run on new years eve. Its something to aim for. Also the Parkruns are great fun too, 5k in your local(ish) park at 09.00 on saturday mornings. Ed

  • Thanks Ed - There is a jogscotland group nearby, so may give that a go. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


  • Hi Fat

    thanks very much. Yes please try running with a group, i did it in the past and its surprising the difference it makes. Good luck, Ed x

  • Whoop! Waving those virtual Pom pins for you! What a great achievement :)

    Echo BigEd's recommendation...parkruns are great!

  • Brilliant Susan big congratulations to you! Speed will come later and your plan is the same as mine so best of luck! It's harder during the colder months but together on this forum we can keep each other going. Welcome to the Graduate Club! Sue x

  • Congratulations and well done! Now go and get your badge you deserve it!

  • Well done you, enjoy the achievement, you should be really proud of yourself :-)

  • Congratulations well done

  • Well done FMS!!!

    Go get that badge!!!!


  • woop woop well done you thats brilliant news, hope to be joining you monday when i graduate i like the idea of keep going till i hit 5k so may well do that - watch this space and i'll put my time up - once again many congratulations YOUR A RUNNER :)

  • Thanks redfacewoman - your username quite accurately describes what I look like when I'm out running. Good luck with your graduation run :)


  • Congrats - don't you feel brilliant?

  • Yes boudicca - I can honestly say I have never felt fitter in all of my adult life. My husband thinks i have been abducted by aliens and replaced!

  • WhOoT-WhOot!!!! :-) YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE! :-) Very well done, you should be very proud of your achievement!!!! Sounds like you have a great plan in order and hopefully part of that plan is staying on here and posting. Wishing you continued running success! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle - don't worry expect to read the futher adventures of fatmumslimm(er) on this forum soon. Susan

  • Yippeeeee! Well done fatmumslim! Go get that green shiny badge! Love delia

  • Congratulations and Congratulations!!

    The prior congratulations if for graduating!! Not only did you graduate, but you finish the full 5K distance!! Two marvelous achievements wrapped up into one wonderful bundle!! Brilliantly done!! :-)

    The latter congratulations is for the weight loss!! I most certainly understand how hard it is at times to control those dratted numbers on the scale!! You are making incredilbe progress at that as well as at the running!! You may just have to consider a name more may just have to be "nowslimmum!!" Very well done!!

    Congratulations again, nowslimmum!!! :-) Bask in your accomplishment and take a bit of time to shine that womderful new "Graduate" badge which you have just EARNED!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks for your support Steve - if I could bottle how I feel right now I would make a fortune :) Will definitely look into revising my username - thanks for the suggestion.

    Susan XX

  • Well done Susan!! Yeeeeeah! You've done it Graduate. So pleased at last to see your name in lights.Ha! Ha! Agree with Steve-change your name to nowslimmum! You've done so well to lose so much weight and persist with c-5k. I do hope that lovely youngster, Paul, has read your blog-he needs all the encouragement he can get, and this will give it to him.

    Enjoy the adulation of your Graduation. And on to stepping stones, speed and stamina-you will learn a lot from these podcasts. Have fun and.........

    Keep on Running!!! :-)

    Colette xx

  • Well done. Enjoy your glory. Keep going :-)

  • Well done!!!

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