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I've Done It

Success this week as I completed the whole 9 weeks!! OK, so it took a bit longer than 9 weeks. I started last August, but damaged my poor old knees, so had to wait for them to heal. Then started again in October wearing lovely neoprene knee supports and 'speed walking' instead of running for some of the time. This system worked and I was able to phase out the speed walking and my knees stood up the running. I had a bit of break over Christmas (catering for 14 family members over a 5 day period left me with little time for running) and then went on holiday in January. I hit the road again mid January, but had to backtrack a couple of weeks to week 5 as my fitness levels had dipped. Amazing how quickly that happens. Anyway, this week I managed three runs of 30 minutes, about 4.5 K, so a little way to go to get the 5 K.

Any ideas on where to go next? are there any good apps to take you up to 10 K? I have a notion that I may run a half marathon next year - or is this too ambitious?

Any thoughts very welcome.

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Well done, vic.

I am not aware of any apps for the build up from 5K to 10K but there are various sets of podcasts. Also, if you hop over to the Bridge to 10K forum on this site, our own JuJu has put together a very sensible program to help new c25k graduates make that step.

A Half Marathon next year is perfectly doable and similarly there are hundreds of 16-20 week training programs that help you prepare effectively for that distance.

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I'll check out JuJu's program - sounds good. thank you


Well done. There are some podcasts for 5 to 10K . your plan and ambition is good. The main thing is as others would say is not to worry too much about speed or distance but making sure that you put in the time.

I don't have ambitions to do marathons or anything but good luck to those that do. I can do up to 40 to 45 minutes for just over 6K and when I drop down to 5K for about 35 minutes I find it easier. I sometimes experiment with the speed podcasts just to make it interesting. As I've bored others with this quote I say to myself "My aim was to do 30 minutes 3 times per week, anything else is a bonus" Hope you can make it a good habit with all the benefits of health and well being.

Again well done.


Well done vicbooth! That's quite a journey. Good luck achieving your next goal. 😊


Well done. It's a great feeling isn't it? Love seeing that graduate badge after my name! 😇


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