Graduation Run !! wow I've actually done it !

I have done it.... I done it..... I done it..... I done it.....


Just back from my graduation run, Its a strange feeling, a great one though. I've never been a big achiever, never went to college never took part in any sports of any sort, I was always the one with a forged signature from my mum to get out of P.E class. Or hiding behind the wall in cross country, smoking. :-O

Its brilliant, I have found a new me from this programme, one I fully intend to keep, I have always been envious of those sporty types who get up and actually do something with their lives other than get up go to work, get home do some housework then straight to bed.

Reflecting back their have been tough moments, hilarious moments, and those moments when you realise, wow I actually just did that.... when you thought it would never been possible.

This forum has been a godsend, I have gained so much from it, from reading everyone's stories, sharing troubles and the amazing encouragement that people have given me, genuinely without you all even those I have never spoken to, I couldn't have done this, I would have given up. Writing this blog has also been great therapy, with an uninterested other half, its been great to get in from a run and pour everything out.

I just want to say thank you to everyone, you lot are an amazing bunch of people, so inspirational and kind.

So anyways my final run went well done the 5k in 34:49 which was up on my park run time from Saturday, not my best, but, I'm still very pleased im managing to get the 5k.

So what does the future hold, I'm thinking to myself just now, well I want to keep running 3 times a week, I always thought I would aim for the 10k after this, but now I'm thinking I may just concentrate on getting my 5k time as low as I can under the 30 minutes. As its easier to fit in the time to exercise when its only half an hour rather than an hour.

But I'm also thinking about cycling, does anyone know if their are any plans similar to this to help with getting into cycling. (will also post this as a question)

Oh also I checked out my stats from the start of the programme to now, and...

I've lost 2.8kg,

......2 flippen inches !!! off my chest !!! eh ? what's all that all about ? I would quite like that back please !

1 inch from my waist

1 inch from my hips

That's all without much change in my diet although I am drinking more water, and eating very slightly less.

So that's me, I done it, I have graduated ! (big contented sigh!)

Good luck to everyone still on the plan, you CAN do it. You will do it.


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  • Well done lovely! Get you all graduated and everything. Keep it up! x

  • Thank you, I definitely intend to now I've started :-) x

  • Yey! Well done. Love the chest comment. ;-) Well done on the weight loss, that's fabulous. AND inches lost too.

    I'm going to concentrate on 5k for now. I guess I can always do 5ks in the week and gradually increase the weekend run.

  • Thanks, that's a good idea, focus on getting quicker 5k's during the week and then start doing a slightly longer run at the weekends, I might do that too x

  • ooh ooh ooh and it looks like I might be the first one to say

    ..........A MASSIVE WELL DONE ..........

    you set yourself your own challenges and you went right out there and did it, and with a parkrun to boot too. But you're so right about this place it does help so much to have somewhere to share with other people what you are going through. & I would have been there with you skiving off cross country for a crafty smoke - totally unhealthy & unfit for the last 15 years...

    Keep working on the times & I know you will be there pretty soon too, ad for cycling - have not heard of anything so similar, but I too was thinking could I use the same C25K podcasts for cycling - well fast then slow kind of W2/W3 over again - not sure yet.

    looking forward to seeing you wearing your new shiny badge too - well done again you truely deserve this.

  • Thank you so much, I know I want my baaaaddggee ! I better not pester them too much though they might not give me one, :-D I sent the email like people said in other posts but not seeing any shiny greet badge yet.

  • Happy Graduation Day! :)

  • I've marked it on my calendar :-) so I know the anniversary haha

  • Congratulations! I can relate to the 'uninterested other half,' this site is so supportive.

    Enjoy celebrating, Susie x

  • Thank you,

    I know what are men like, it would be different story if we didn't show interest in something they'd done... *rolls eyes* x

  • Oi I heard that.

  • hahaha

    c25k-ers men are excluded from that generalization of course, yous guys are good ones :-)

  • Well awwwwwwwwwwriiiiiiiiiighhhtttt!!!!!

    Bloomin' well done bikergirl. Fantastic news. What an incredible achievement and you can almost hear the happiness in your blog post!

    Whoever would have thought that just RUNNING could give us so much? Fitness, a sense of wellbeing, a sense of achievement, a slimmer toned body, better complexion and a lack of embarrassment should we ever have to run for the bus!!!

    Big pat on the back to you. I'm well impressed. I'm not too far behind you, but next time you post let's see that big green badge stuck next to your name! HA!


  • Thank you,

    I will be watching out for your turn, definitely still going to use this forum even if its just to read everyone's stories absolutely love reading them how everyone overcomes their struggles and gets there in the end. love a happy ending :-)

  • Well done. I'm raising a glass to you.....Cheers!

    What a great blog. I feel your happiness from here. Keep blogging.

    Nicola x

  • thank you

    *clink, clink*


  • Hay, well done you! So exciting! We're working on trying to reach 5k before doing anything else!

  • Thank you, it is still exciting, im still bouncing around the house now. Trying to find something else I could do next. Loved having a goal. Want to make sure I keep the momentum going. Is that your aim now ? To run the 5k ? Are you using any of the other podcasts ?

  • Using our own music for now. Still only running 4k at the moment so aiming to do more in 30 mins (or at least feel more comfortable in that time) and then aim for 5k specifically. After that (or if we plateau) then may look at other podcasts. Enjoying a bit of freedom right now.

  • Woohoo! Well done! Awesome! I am so chuffed for you and you sound so happy about it too. I've loved reading all your blogs and you have kept me going in so many ways. I think it's a good idea to keep on with the 5k and get your time down, that's what I'm going to do too. It fits in with my schedule and it's a nice goal. 10k can come later...

    I missed my first run ever on Monday and will miss it tmw too. Body has gone into shutdown and I have two poorly litle girls to look after, nightmare! I'm hoping to get back into it on Friday. We shall see...

    On the upside, my graduation badge just appeared so am super happy.

    We are runners! Woohoo!


  • Thank you Cris, I've got my badge look ! :-) they totally suit us don't they. Can you believe we actually done it ! :-)

    Aww hope your kids feel better soon, I'd say rest up but you'll probably not get much rest now.

    Ye I think its the best option, its not as easy to find a whole hour in the day to exercise when you add the getting ready etc on top of it. I might do what lizfish is doing and make the Saturday run a bit longer and the 2 runs in the week focusing on getting quicker.

    Hope you manage to escape for a bit on Friday. take care, Trish x

  • Well Done!! Isn't it an amazing feeling? I'm still buzzing since friday. ;-)

  • Thank you and you too. I know, I was telling everyone and anyone that would listen at work today all about it lol. Everyone's going to be so sick of me very quickly. But I don't care im so proud. :-)

  • Big gratz! Am looking forward to graduating now and am only starting week 2 :D

  • Thank you. And lots of luck with the programme. You can do it. If someone like me who never finishes anything can do it ... Be warned it might turn you into a competitive monster haha :-D

  • Congratulations, the girl done good :-) I have really enjoyed all your blogs, please keep blogging now you've graduated!

  • Aww thank you, good luck to you on your last run. Not long now ? Friday ? was it ?

  • Yes, I fly back home tonight so tomorrow is sea-side graduation run. Can't wait!

  • Just seen this - well done! Bet you're still feeling buzzy from it! :)

  • Thanks greenlegs, I wish I was still buzzing, but my tooth access iv been struggling with the last 2 months has finally errupted and been in agonizing pain the last 2 days. But.... Facing the fear of dentists and its coming out today. :-) you never know it might make my running even better when the pain has gone. I know when my dog had his teeth out he was full of energy afterwards lol so fingers crossed lol

  • Oh, that sounds really horrible. Hope you're ok. I have a tooth that niggles, and I'm just avoiding thinking about it... Really feel for you. I am not fond of having things done to my teeth.

  • Excellent! Well done you. It's a great feeling and it never leaves you.

  • Thank you very much :-)

  • Biker girl - you're an inspiration...i want to be you in four week's time. lovin your badge too, very fetching. If you want to look at a longer run, there are some great 10ks out there. I was once fit enough to run these (about ten years ago) and the Glasgow womens 10k was my favourite. Very non competitive and a great atmosphere too with abour 12,000 women taking part from elite atheltes to people walking the whole route and an awesome sense of acheivement. I'd love to work up to doing that again.

    Also, I bought one of these (couch to 5k graduation t-shirts) for a freind who had just graduated and it really made his day. He was so proud of himself and his family didn't seem to be interested. He was chuffed to bits. Why don't you treat yourself?

    Well done Biker Girl (and I hope the giving up smoking's is going well too!)

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