Couch to 5K


Oooh, its getting close now, I can feel it.

However W8R2 was the hardest run that I have done to date. For some reason last night was a complete mess. I didn't feel right when I left the house, you know you have those days ?

So I went out with a view to I'll try and see how it goes. I managed to complete, but there were several times I really wanted to stop. Not tired, I just didn't want to know. Very strange, but at least I am still on track.

Overall, I am delighted with where I have got to. I am only four runs away from graduating, and hopefully that will be three after tomorrow! I really want my graduation.

For the first time yesterday, I ran without Laura, and put some of my own music on. Muse are quite good to trundle around to :)

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Mornin' Ratcliffe :-)

Don't worry, it was like you say just one of those days. We all have 'em, but box ticked, job completed, file it away .

You wanted to stop , but you didn't you carried on and told them head gremlins where to go , and that is what this programme is all about.

One more to go and then onto Week 9, Good Luck , you can do it ! :-) xxx


yip i had one of those days yesterday. W6R2 10 run 3 wk 10 run - it killed me but id done a straight 20m in W5R3. Im up for W6R3 2moz which is greater than a staight 20 !!!!. Im sore today too. Keep up the running


The curse of run two. I posted on here around week 7 or 8 that I'd had a bad run and was advised that the second run of each week can often be 'bad'. No thrill of the first. No sense of achievement of the third/last and moving on to a new week.

You did it though! And yes, not long to go now :-)


Never quit, just keep going, it's not that far to the finish line. We all have runs where they seem messy or irritating for whatever reason. Just get them over and done with and they're done. The next one will be THE best! That's what I always tell myself. LOL


I had a dip in the middle of the last couple of weeks too, and then finished strong. So close now - nearly a graduate :0)


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