Well I can't believe it, but I'm getting near the end of the programme - I could NEVER have imagined this 8 weeks ago!

I had toyed with the idea of repeating W7 because I REALLY didn't feel ready for 28 minutes, but then I realised it was gremlins! On Monday I did my W8R1 comfortably and it was then that I realised that I'd succeeded, because I could easily have kept going for a mere 2 minutes to finish it. So from now on, it's just ticking the boxes and the hard work is over! I'm a runner! ☺️

This morningI did W8R2 and covered 4.63k so I'm roughly at the right pace to do the 5k in 30 minutes. I'm so chuffed - I'd never have believed I could do this!

This has helped me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I have always been ruled by my head - telling me not to do things because I'll be no good, won't finish it, will fail, will look stupid, I'm fat, useless, stupid, ugly, nobody likes me, etc. My life has been literally ruled by gremlins (linked with clinical depression) and I've missed out on so much. But with the help of this programme over the last 8 weeks, I've been learning that the gremlins are wrong. I've been learning not to listen to them and to just stuff them in box. I am in control - not them. This alone is life-changing for me - and the running is the icing on the cake.

I started this to improve my fitness and would never have believed what I could achieve physically and mentally. Utterly life-changing! 😀


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6 Replies

  • Marie, you have made my morning with your fab upbeat post! You are a runner and obviously loving it. Start preparing your graduation speech and start thinking of all those lovely future runs. Really well done. Brilliant time too!

  • GGRRRRRR Gremlins.....

    Good luck and carry on, you appear to be beating them.

    Your a runner :)

  • That's fantastic news and very well done! I've learnt it is a lot of mind over matter too! Those gremlins start telling me I'll never do this after about 3 minutes. I use this forum and the stories to help me banish them, and your post is a definite motivator. I'm starting week 9 tomorrow....we might graduate about the same time :) keep running, you are a runner now!!!

  • Here, here to IriishP - you've made my morning too - what an upbeat success story. Well done - I was just like you, once I'd got to wk 7 / 8, I knew I was going to succeed - an amazing feeling. (I'm no where near as fast as you btw). Good luck.

  • Wow ! you're not only going to do it, but at that pace , do it in real style. Amazing. Keep going, nearly there....

  • Well done Marie! That's the spirit. Running opens up all sorts of possibilities doesn't it. I'm running to shops I previously thought out of my reach! Some say that's a bad thing! LOL

    Today I planned a run to a local beauty spot, again which I thought was out of my reach. I measured the distance on goodrunguide and it's easily runnable. So I planned it all out and what I'll take with me. Got a new tiny cyclists rucksack £7 from Lidl (I ran there and back to buy it!) so thought I'd take that with a bit of food/drink and have a picnic before heading back. If I get puffed out on the way back I can walk a bit. No worries

    World's your oyster when you have running shoes!

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